Homeless service providers in Old Town watch recent violence with concern

The shootings are one thing, but staff at Union Gospel Mission say that more powerful drugs in the community are causing surges in other kinds of violence.

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  1. P 1 of 3* Cities can eliminate homeless tent cities by replacing them with homeless-communities using Pallet Shelter's existing homeless shelter village components. The Community Room sells for $37,000 and serves as a shared laundry room, restaurant, and addiction services center. The Bathroom cost $35,000 and the Services Office costs $9,000. So for only $81,000 a city can establish a homeless village.

  2. P 2 of 3 Cities are spending millions of dollars to open and run homeless bed shelters; that the homeless reject due to the many restrictions and lack of security. Pallet Shelter's two person Shelter 64 cost only $7,000 and provides a dignified, secure sleeping home. So for only $781,000 a city can establish and run a Homeless Shelter Village with 100 shelters.

  3. P 3 of 3 Those with income pay 10% of their net income to the homeless-community for their 2 person Shelter 64 and 20% of their net income for the 4 person Shelter 100. Their rent money goes to pay for: childcare for working parents in the community-room, one free meal per day, and addiction services. The Shelter 100 is a $9,500 shelter that is climate controlled, built in one hour, is 100 sq. ft., and uses a folding bunk system to house up to four beds. Pallet Shelter's private sleeping cabins offer security and durability.

  4. Homeless 1 of 2. The $7,000 modest two bed Shelter 64 or $9,500 four bed Shelter 100 from Pallet Shelter built on a trailer so that it can be moved to evade severe weather events. Is combined with the yet to be created components: Bathroom and Laundry Pod for $21,000 and the Kitchen Pod for $14,000.

  5. Homeless 2 of 2. All built on trailers so they can be quickly moved out of harms way. To provide affordable housing for those displaced by increasing rents caused by catastrophic-runaway-anthropogenic-global-warming; for $42,000. Conventional homes that will be washed away again should not be built in these flood, fire, tornado, and hurricane ravaged areas.

  6. Unfortunately for millions of Americans in order to survive, will have to lower their standard of living dramatically and live in modest accommodations. Such as Pallet Shelter's Shelter 64 which sleeps two in a private cabin. Placed in combination with Pallet Shelter's other components: Community Room, Bathroom, and Services Office; to form an entire Homeless Shelter Village. Where rent is 10% of net income for the 2 person shelter and 20% for the four person shelter. Which goes to providing one free meal a day and child care so that the working poor can go to work: in the Community Room.

  7. This August 1, 2022 poll from POLITICO reflects the most supported items in:
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The Inflation Reduction Act"
    77% approve of placing caps on prescription drug price hikes.
    73% approve of allowing Medicare to negotiate some drug prices.
    73% approve of limiting out-of-pocket drug costs.
    73% approve or reducing the federal budget deficit by $300 billion.
    64% of Americans approve of providing tax credits for using renewable energy technology.
    64% of Americans approve of a 15% corporate minimum tax.

  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
    $369 billion in energy security and preventing extinction-global-warming investments.
    $400 billion in tax reform revenue.
    $300 billion in deficit reduction.
    $288 billion in drug pricing reform revenue.
    $64 billion extension of the ACA [ObamaCare] subsidies.
    Limits the cost of insulin to a maximum of $35 a month which reduces inflation for all Americans. Amen.

  9. The word abortion is not in the phucKKKing KKKible, making it insane, suicidal behavior to link its Satanic-anti-abortion to its denial of the laws of science, facts, and truth that is finds inconvenient. RepubliKKKgun Rapture-de@th-KKKult behavior is due to 260 years of self-inflicted brain and DNA-damaging poisoning concurrent with 500 years of inbreeding-depression of the genetic-sewage of Europe's genetic toilet; the Georgetown, South Carolina "convict-colony".

  10. P A of Parts A-F Due to the destruction of housing caused by catastrophic-runaway-anthropogenic-global-warming [CRAGW] extreme weather events; there are housing shortages all over America which is causing rent increases; and even more homelessness! The FEMA operated homeless-communities do not require residents to check out, there is no sign-in and sign-out issues as they are long-term shelters; which provide the privacy of individual living spaces. Where the shelter residents can fell safe from the other camp residences. Which removes many of the objections those homeless living in tents who refuse to use city established homeless-shelters; have voiced.

  11. P B of Parts A-F The B!den administration has proposed Christian, compassionate, homeless solutions but Republicans do not want the FEMA homeless encampments within their cities; which have the highest number of homeless families. The solution is FEMA coordinated homeless communities a 30 minute bus ride, 24/7, every 20 minutes, from the FEMA established homeless shelters; to the city. Established on land made vacant due to global-warming extreme weather events; that no one should rebuild on.

  12. C The FEMA homeless-communities / encampments are close enough to the city to work; and far enough away from the town to be out of sight and mind. Established on land now vacant due to the extreme weather events which is creating the housing shortage. Due to the catastrophic-runaway-anthropogenic-global-warming [CRAGW] that Republiguns deny exists.

  13. D With subsidized for the homeless electric-cargo-bikes at all bus stops from companies like: Wheels, Lime, Link, and Veo in the city and at the homeless encampment; so the working homeless can get to work. Which are large 1,000 people disaster relief centers. With trucked in water. Shared laundry, toilet, cooking, and shower-facilities. With restaurants, post office, and stores; just like a large campground.

  14. E of Parts A-F In the on-site factories the homeless population's workforce is used to make more homeless shelters from plastic-waste taken from the oceans and government subsidized Styrofoam; and electric car conversion kits which cost only $3,600 because The Defense Production Act was invoked. Which does not include the cost of batteries and installation.

  15. F of Parts A-F The homeless-shelters are powered and heated with butane and solar-panels, depending on how well the infrastructure held up, which are integrated into the construction of the temporary homeless-shelters. Which are a dry, clean place to sleep, and store their stuff. People from the city drive out to the homeless-communities to pick up food bank food; because that is where the food banks and free-ice machines are located.

  16. Section 1 of 2 There are many families made homeless due to the extreme weather events spawned by catastrophic-runaway-anthropogenic-global-warming [CRAGW]. Who can be housed long term by FEMA in the $7,000 shelters, which are assembled in an hour, made by Pallet Shelters. The Shelter 64 provides the dignity of personal space in a healing community environment that are durable, comfortable, private sleeping cabins; which are a proven stepping stone to permanent housing.

  17. Section 2 of 2 The Shelter 64's insulated walls, heat, and air-conditioning provide personal climate control; and electricity powers the interior lights and outlets for personal device charging. Spacious with 9-foot vaulted ceilings. Providing these shelters and an $1,800 a month minimum income, to those who have lost everything, is the Christian thing to do. C l i c k on Pallet Shelter's Build a Shelter Village to see all the existing components to, in one day, create a homeless village for 1,000 families displaced by extreme weather events. Amen.

  18. Is the evidence of extinction-global-warming all around it right now? Which is creating housing shortages? Which is causing 100% rent increases? Which is causing the increased number of homeless people; yes or no?

  19. Paragraph 1 of 4. This is how you do the Christian thing, that Jesus Christ orders it to do, by financing an $1,800 a month guaranteed income for families of four making less than $15 an hour who have been made homeless, and lost everything, due to the extreme weather events; spawned by catastrophic-runaway-anthropogenic-global-warming [CRAGW]:

  20. Paragraph 2 of 4. Start by repealing Massacre Mitch McConnell's $2 trillion tax breaks given to billionaires and corporations that did not need it and which did not create any jobs, all offensive miliFAIRY spending is cut to zero, and FEMA disaster relief funding; pays for an $1,800 a month minimum income for those making less than $15 an hour with no healthcare and dental benefits.

  21. Paragraph 3 of 4. Just by repealing the $2 trillion tax breaks stolen by the Satanic-anti-abortion [ the word abortion is NOT in the KKKible ] RepubliKKKlans to give billionaires and corporations money that they did not need; provides an $1,800 a month minimum income for 89 million Americans displaced, who have lost everything, due to runaway-global-warming! This is what Jesus Christ orders it to do!!! This is the KKKhristian thing to do.

  22. Paragraph 4 of 4. 89 million Americans is 27% of the working population! Or a $50,000 a year stipend for 40 million American families of 4 making less than $15 an hour; so that they are NOT made permanently homeless. Amen.

  23. Joe Biden is allowing the fentynol to pour across our southern border so the dumbocrat can get more voters. They don't care about the human cost , it's all about them keeping power ! Despicable dumbocrats . I don't understand how anyone ,with even a little intelligence could ever vote for these tyrants !!!!!

  24. The violence should be directed at the Portland left. And particularly at the Californians who moved up as they fled the Mexican invasion and the commie scum who moved to Portland from the fetid cellars of Stalinist Brooklyn.

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