How To Eat Street Food From Around the World in Portland Oregon! | Food Cart Pod | Food Trekker YOUY

Welcome to Food Trekker! I’m your host, Sam Bass and today I eat food from around the world in one location, watch me visit Cartopia, a food cart pod community in east Portland Oregon. The community and food are amazing here and I hope this video makes you want to visit and support small business and the foodie community that makes Portland so special.

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I love food layered with flavors! I started cooking when I was seven years old because I craved bold flavors. I also love to travel and eat new kinds of food. I started traveling around the world at 28 by hitchhiking aboard private sailboats and I never lost the travel bug!

Please follow me on my journey as I take you through a food and culture adventure of a lifetime! My videos will feature adventure filled travels to find the tastiest food from around the world.

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  1. Subscribed. I just got my appetite back ! Keep eating, Food Trekker! Thank you for the invite to join you in these very enticing meals. You could sell a ham sandwich to a vegetarian who is also Kosher! How interesting the trip with you was to the food source. Never seen anything like it! One of a kind.

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