Is NORTH Portland Oregon the New Hot Spot to Live in Portland Oregon?

Is NORTH Portland Oregon the New Hot Spot to Live in Portland Oregon?? – Are you thinking of moving to or relocating to Portland Oregon and wondering where the best area to live in portland oregon is?

In this video the team discusses the new Hot Spot to live in Portland Oregon and it is North Portland. With neighborhoods like Kenton, St. Johns and the boise neighborhood that touches Mississippi avenue are some of the best new areas to live in portland oregon

are you thinking of moving to or relocating to portland oregon and wondering if living in oregon is a fit for you and your family?

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  1. Worse actors I've ever seen , Portland is a shithole crime is rising, shootings almost every night, homeless camping everywhere they can, catalytic converters thiefs so tell the truth and stop the bs

  2. I lived in North Portland… St. Johns infact… and quite recently….. So, if you like lots of rainy gloomy days, lots of crime and homicides.???… then move to Portland Oregon!! Go ANYWHERE but Portland

  3. 3-5 years. Where do you see the local schools ranking? That could influence a decision to buy in that area and see a strong ROI if they're truly turning around.

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