Ladd's Addition in Portland Oregon

Welcome to Ladd’s Addition! Portland’s oldest planned residential neighborhood and one of the oldest on the West Coast. Started in 1891 by William S Ladd with 126 acres of farm land he bucked the traditional neighborhood layout of the standard orthogonal grid and instead opted to create a diagonal “wagon wheel” arrangement, including four small diamond-shaped rose gardens and a central traffic circle surrounding a park. This historically protect neighborhood is now one of Portland’s cherished communities. Take bike ride or a stroll through the neighborhood and you will definitely run into one of the locals that will talk your ear off about this amazing place. You will pay a premium to live here but you will be apart of a tight nit community that cherishes the old over the new.

If you’re interested at looking at some of the available homes in person give me a call. I love looking at old homes and appreciating the craftsmanship.

Aaron Cullen
503-739-5209 cell

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