Life in Portland, Oregon

A collection of footage from a day in my life, taking place in the stunning Portland, Oregon.

EvenS – Firenze


  1. Currently in the state of Kansas( Wichita) Straight boring. Viewing these videos of Portland definitely makes me want to move there.I lived in Salt Lake back in the middle 80's and I truly miss the mountains.Portland seems like a mellow city to dwell in.

  2. Okay I have a Mandela effect question here. I swear up and down that Portland had 24/7 bus service on certain routes. I saw the schedules with my own eyes yet this apperantely never happened, what really did?

  3. Looking forward to return to the westcoast and looking forward to move to Portland, way better than where I am now.

  4. I came here because of American Truck Sim dlc:) Really nice city! Looks like Oregon is a wonderfull place!

  5. Are you kidding me??? Portland is a cesspool of lawlessness, homelessness, and a complete lack of police presence due to the wonderful liberal dictatorship. Avoid Portland.

  6. Can someone who lives (or has lived) in Portland please tell me…are the winters 7 months long like they are in Denver, Colorado or are they just 3 months out of the year? I'm thinking about moving to Portland but don't want to deal with 7 month winters again.

  7. I used to live in Portland until I was 12 years old when I had to move to Washington, Portland is an awesome place and missed it.

  8. This is not "Life in Portland." This is footage of a bunch of buildings. I was expecting more of you telling us about Portland and what it's like to live there. This video should be called "Buildings in Portland."

  9. I have to complement you on your video. It is so peaceful and beautiful. I'm a former resident, and miss Portland immensely, but I could no longer tolerate what its become. Its as if it's been taken over by the young, the homeless, the drug culture. Its as if no one else is welcome. Certainly those that question the city's behavior thru recent years. This video though beautiful is not capturing. The Portland of 2018. I'm sorry to say this but its not. Believe me the streets, are no where's near as serene. I love the city but not what it became.

  10. The title of this video should be “Life for White People in Portland, Oregon”. Or what about “What Black People are not Allowed to See”? “Our Caucasian Paradise”? Keep living the Pure White dream, Portland – you have accomplished in the 21st century what the Nazi Party couldn’t do in the 20th.

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