Living in Portland Oregon [FULL TOUR OF ALL THE PORTLAND SECTIONS]. Are you moving to or relocating to Portland Oregon and wondering where the perfect place to live is?

In this video I take you on a tour of the entire Portland Metro discussing all the different types of living that there is in Portland Oregon!

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  1. I'm not sure how I stumbled on to this guys videos. It's absolutely comical hearing him speak like an expert on Portland and make so many ass backward statements. If visitors come to Portland asking about his version of Mt. Tabor they might wonder if they'ed need to hire an experienced guide with a donkey to carry equipment up the mountain. This guy has only been here a few years and it sounds like he hasn't gotten out much. If you spent 5 minutes driving thru the park you've seen most of it and you'll realize a lot sooner then this guy that there''s not 100's of miles of trails in Mt Tabor. I live in the area and have lived here nearly 50 years and there are no areas where someone will hand you a pamphlet about all the different types of trees and tell you about it. There are only a few security guards whose jobs are to make sure drunken teenagers don't pee in the reservoir. Mt Tabor is about a mountain as much as a short guy is about as concern as mentioning he's 5"5 and a half. It's like an insecure hill that would drive a big truck if it was human and talk about how he used to be an active volcano when dinosaurs walked the earth. This guy talks about the area like it's a hidden undiscovered area and in another area he lists the same area as being dangerous. He thinks anywhere past 50th is risky and shows a video of what 54th thru 60th is actually like. It's funny to see someone so oblivious about a place speak with such confidence about an area he has no knowledge or authentic connection with. It's like he moved here from Disneyland. I'm looking forward to his book coming out about Portland for Dipshits.

  2. It will super helpful if you can include a map showing the location of neighborhood that you are currently talking about. It will help potential buys know which area you are talking about, instead of trying to search it while you are talking

  3. Get your information from generational locals if you want to know the trajectory of this area. All my grandparents grew up here. This guys views and observations are not totally wrong but there a ton missed.

  4. True Oregon citizens in Portland need less of you!
    You speak culture, yet you have none; described with your own mouth… You sir are Fake, it’s dollars to you. 😁

  5. You say you’ve walked the walked, why haven’t you showed videos of you down on 1st and Burnside; west side?
    How long have you been in west side? You speak of other towns that don’t even relate to Portland. Let me guess Streats of Tanasbourne; that’s your west side.

  6. You’re definitely a transplant! I lived off Burnside for 8 years,( 2002 2010) right close to Mt. Tabor. The way you speak of all these places, tells me you no have no idea.
    The issue is folks like you that have no clue!
    You think Lake Oswego is the spot, you don’t know about Dunthorp! Your a truly clueless!

  7. tips from someone whos on the east side of portland: avoid living anywhere near Burnside & Powell, Stark's starting to go to ** too. 82 has been trash since the 80s, avoid being near the max at all costs

  8. Lake Oswego has some of the best schools in the nation. I live near Healy Heights. Sad to see so many people posting about the civil unrest. It’s not as bad as the media portrays. I grew up on the east side so I feel comfortable anywhere in the city. Personally, I think the homeless problem is more distressing than the so called riots. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Property taxes within the city limits are insane.

  9. I thought you were going skip over NE altogether. You didn't mention Alameda, Grant Park, Beaumont-wilshire, or Hollywood which are tremendous family areas. At least you mentioned Irvington, Sabin, and Alberta Arts.

  10. Antifas and BLM are not activists, but just exactly the same shit as the "Proud boys" and ultranationalists. The problem I see you have in the US and particularly in Portland is the rise of far-left and far-right movements. It is pretty similar to what happened in Spain in the 30s when a far-left party took power by manipulating the elections and started to support Soviet-like communism. They led to a civil war between the wrongly called "Republicans" (which were this group of far-left radicals that supported and were also supported by the Soviet Union) and the "Nationalists", a group of far-right radicals that were supported to Nazi Germany. You should follow any of these groups. They are exactly the same. Even though each of them claim to support "democracy", facts prove that they are just a bunch of assholes that must be in jail or in a coffin.

  11. Starting at 6:32 he describes Mount Tabor as a 'big mountain system' with 100 miles of trails and a bunch of parks. Really? Mount Tabor is actually one small hill 636 feet in elevation with a total area of 191 acres. His other descriptions in this video are equally accurate.

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