Living in Portland Oregon VS Vancouver Washington [EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW]

Living in Portland Oregon VS Vancouver Washington [EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW] – Are you thinking about moving to or relocating Portland Oregon or Vancouver and wondering which one is the best for you to live in?

In this video we dive deep into the differences of living in portland oregon vs Vancouver Washington!

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  1. So enough of the sugarcoating it’s not all rainbows and unicorns up in Portland right now give us the real situation how screwed up portland has become. You speak as if nothings happening there

  2. 1Oregon is six or seventh in State Taxes 2. 80 of the population can't afford Portland homes 3. Portland is #1 per capita in Heroin use and #2 in Meth use #3 currently Portland had 3,500 people living in the streets and growing #4 downtown Portland looks like a war zone due to B..L.M. going on a rampage for over seven months.

  3. Portland Oregon's leadership has allowed the city to become an absolute disaster.I live north of Vancouver and refuse to cross the bridge into Portland.Now that they have decriminalized heroin,meth and cocaine I am sure it will further devolve into a third world nightmare.

  4. No stop moving to camas and washougal both used to be nice small towns. Now its being taken over by Californians flooding this area. Stick to big cities and leave the small towns be

  5. I've lived in Portland all of my 50 years. I've now been in Vancouver for 2 years and it's like sunshine/black rain. Fresh air/burning tires. Couldn't pay me to move back.

  6. This guy is full of shit, I've lived in Vancouver for 50+Yrs.
    It been over developed the last 10 yrs. Transportation is a nightmare freeways backed up constantly, no light rail in Vancouver, bus service is ok but expensive. Gas tax is highest in the nation as well as sales tax. Honestly don't move here it's fast turning into a californicated nightmare!
    Olympia is considering income tax in Washington will most likely approve this by the end of 2021. Typical developer hype.

  7. Vamcouver conservative-high quality life, Portland liberal-low quality life. I’ve live booth cities.

  8. In 1991, I moved from the southern Oregon coast to Portland with my then boyfriend, Our house was in N. Portland. We married, had a child, added onto our little bungalow, then divorced in 2007. I had to rent after that. It was cheaper to rent in Vancouver, so that is where I went. Orchards area. I soon discovered why one doesn't live in Vancouver, and work in Portland. In 2012, I moved back into Portland, Eastside, into an affordable apartment. Right on the Max line. By 2016, my "affordable" one bedroom apartment was twice the cost, and went up one too many times. If I stayed, I would have been a full time working homeless person. I divorced Portland, and moved back home to the south coast, to care for my mom. I say divorced, as I once loved living in Portland, and left despising it. I sometimes miss it, and if I win the lottery, I am buying my N. Portland house back. I miss the food cart pods, the man I left behind, and my friend, Brandi. But, living at the beach is pretty nice.

  9. Felida is 7 minutes from downtown Vancouver! Camas is a city not a neighborhood! So many houses on the waterfront in vancouver too. This dudes dumb as fuck. How long he even lived in Portland? A couple years? Go back to where ya came from!!

  10. We like Vancouver Keep your left views in Portland If you want Thousand of homeless And groups wearing black burning down Businesses and blocking up Traffic Go to Portland

  11. I notice that most of your videos cater to families and schools. What about the rest of us?

  12. Moved to Portland three months ago. I've watched your videos for a while now, and MAN did you just up your production game. Well done!

  13. Very informative clip PDX vs VANC. Just wondering though, at 08:30 when your talking about N.E and S.E, why is there a clip of Multnomah Falls which is 25 miles away?

  14. Good seeing you back Jackson in Portland subject matter, I'm sending your videos out across the country to friends who are thinking of moving here in Portland.

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