Lloyd Center Mall in Portland Oregon

My son and I visiting Lloyd Center Mall in Portland Oregon

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  1. Chicken connection is surprisingly on of the last places that's still open, and one of the last places that has existed for over a decade now!

  2. O man if you could see it now. I was in there last week and it is a dead mall. Like 3 food places open. And maybe 6 shops open. No anchor stores open. Its sad to see spent a lot of good times there.

  3. The Largest Mall in Oregon is actually Clackamas Town Center. The Lloyd Center Mall is now Dying going to Close for Good Soon. Clackamas Town Center used to have a Ice Sinking Rink & then a Huge Remake over & placed Carousal & Cinemas there inside the Food Court.

  4. Oh man I love the LLoyd Center Mall. I have been there twice so far and wanna go back again. Lots of shops and food courts.Next time i`m there, I gotta ice skate, never done that before and would like to try it.

  5. wow, I have not seen Lloyd center in years, my first memories of L.C. go back to 1969 when I was a kid,its fun to see the changes but i''ll always have my memories of the good old days of L.C. growing up through the years,

  6. @DavePerry2012 I see why you are confused sir. I placed "based" instead of a more specific and direct word. I'm aware that it's not based in Portland, Portlandia is however, lol. In other words, the idea's which brought the Simpsons show together came from Portland is what I meant to say, and the Springfield area in Portland. I'm not talking about the Town. For example, The St Johns area also known as N Portland or Smaller areas like Hawthorne in SE.

  7. @DavePerry2012 I'm quite aware of Springfield being fictional, although you are missing the point. Portland was the idea central of which the idea of the Simpsons came from. Springfield is the name of a smaller town/ sort of area inside of the city of Portland in which the name came from. So in literal speak, the ideas in which constructed the Simpsons came from Portland.

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