Matt's BBQ Portland Oregon BBQ crawl traveling on the Amtrak train

We wanted to visit Matt’s BBQ Portland Oregon so last weekend we took a train trip with friends to Portland, a beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest for a BBQ crawl. As seen on Cooking Channel TV on Guy Fieri Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, this best BBQ in Portland 2019 food truck eatery boasts some of the best smoked brisket, smoked ribs, smoked pulled pork, and smoked pulled lamb that you will find in Portland. Also they have smoked beef ribs on Saturdays’ and Sunday’s only. Come along as we explore this exceptional BBQ and be sure to watch the end where we tour the smokers and interview the pit masters who make this wonderful food.
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  1. Some friends traveled with us to Portland to visit some great BBQ crawl and smaoked brisket, smoked ribs and pulled pork at Matt's BBQ which was also featured on Food Network's Dinners, Drive-ins and Dives. Join us aboard the Amtrak Coast Starlight for a trip into the Pacific Northwest for some tasty BBQ, beer and smoked meat!
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  2. Adam Smith smokes the best meats in town and happens to work at the best BBQ spot, you did a great job investigating BBQ in Portland

  3. This is how to enjoy life right here Todd! 👌 Great footage in Portland and that smoked brisket looks ridiculously tasty. 😊 This is my favorite video of yours so far, I really like your creativity and the video was very entertaining too. Looking forward to what's next buddy! 😎

  4. Smokin Joe said to come over and check you out so here I am. New subscriber here. Keep up the great work my friend.

  5. Your a cool dude wish I had friends like you bro laid back family and food.
    I loved your trip me and my wife need that Beautiful views

  6. Nice review Todd! Brisket looked solid, ribs looked really tender, you said the pulled pork had a hint of vinegar and it looked good as well! The price is really good for all that food. Good job buddy!🤘

  7. What a trip you guys had .. looked like an absolute blast .. and that Bbq looked phenomenal . I’m salivating lol. Those ribs and brisket looks so good . . The tell tale sign of a great BBq place is the brisket, if they have killer brisket you know the place is gonna be great

  8. Dude! With only 168 subs your content is off the chain!!! I see you blowing up pretty quick! Great job brother! Looking forward to seeing more videos!

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