May Day 2021 in Portland, Oregon – What Downtown Looks Like

We spent May Day 2021 in Portland, Oregon. Here’s what downtown Portland looks like after over a year of protests and social unrest. We end the vlog with a trip to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden to end on a high note.

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Homeless Camp at the Doorstep of Bill Gates in Seattle –
Walking Tour of Downtown Seattle in May 2021 –


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  1. If you are wondering why we chose to show the garden in the same video as the problems downtown, it is because we wanted to show the contrast. Portland is in a beautiful forest setting and could be a beautiful city. When people screw things up, we have to look at nature for refuge and inspiration.

  2. This is a rather rough outside look and critic… not showing all of the community's effort to clean up the city after the pandemic, in particular…

  3. Looks quiet. There are tents everywhere in the big cities in the U.S.. One can't blame anyone person or department for what's going on in Oregon. Homelessness and unemployment is a nationwide problem since the COVID.

  4. Maybe this was edited to paint a Right Wing narrative? Yes, there is a homeless problem of about 7,000 people but when that’s all you show in a metro area of 2 million, it looks like there is an agenda. People are still moving to Portland and it’s still a hot real estate market. Homes for sale get multiple offers.

  5. So….. My wife and I are visiting in October for a few days. Staying downtown. We were looking forward to it. What do we need to avoid? We basically just wanted to walk and explore. Nothing looks safe, attractive, enjoyable. I’ve watched several videos and all are similar. If I had any position of authority or leadership in this city I’d be embarrassed.

  6. Yep. Leftist governance will – sooner or later – turn your cherished city into a sh!thole. IT HAPPENS EVERYTIME. EVERYWHERE.

  7. Portland, Oregon is a beautiful city. I love it here. You just filmed the houseless tents to sensationalize homelessness. Shame on you.

  8. The beginning of this video focuses mainly on how the city of Portland has graffiti and homeless people living all over the place. The graffiti is mainly seen on the highway and roads, not in downtown ( at least in the video) the walls can be cleaned and painted again, not big deal. The homelessness is a more serious problem. Where do you put all these people? You can’t just clean up and kick them out. They need a place to stay. Homelessness is a big problem in most US cities now like San Francisco and even Salt Lake, Utah. People cannot afford housing and after the pandemic jobs were lost. When we talk about the homeless we need to remember to always speak with compassion about other human beings that are struggling and need help. That’s all I have to say.

  9. Portland looks like crap I used to live there used to be beautiful and the people were good but now the crazy ass is running the city so the city gets what it deserves

  10. Lovely! This is what they deserve! We all know the democrats paid these losers to be themselves and vwwwallla haha fuckem!

  11. Everyone take notice that seattle, Los Angeles, and Portland are liberal versions of “utopias” in which they don’t seem to see anything wrong going on…. Keep voting for them and enact your stupid policies and you get more and more of that garbage

  12. I wil move there and become mayor. I'm 46 and have the smarts and know how. I'd clean that place up into e week max.

  13. sad I visited 10 years and had planned on moving there, but life happens, but now feel fortunate I never moved there.

  14. pur gov wamts all of us to soon be dead pr in fema camps caskets madison georgia by CDC death depopulation any means daily still going wants you to be evicted foreclose

  15. I see the whyte liberal put a cute little nike shoe on top of the coffee. Nike is the biggest slave driver in the world. Makes sense because whyte liberals support communist dictatorships. That's what they want America to be. A communist dictatorship in the firm grip of a all powerful whyte liberal.

  16. Another democratic town just Another place never to visit on the left coast let them hit rock bottom before they wake up and not woke up

  17. I lived there for 60 years and moved to another state two years ago— best decision ever. Democrat voters have ruined the state.
    If you need to talk to Mayor Ted, look under blue tarp number 87 down by the river— the one with the little urine stream running by.

  18. I live around Flint Mi and society thinks it a bad place to live. In certain cases it is but then I saw this video and afterwards took a drive around town and saw unicorns and butterflies flying around. People were handing out cupcakes. There was a rainbow in the background. Point is, Portland and many other places are way worse than what is described about Flint. Just an opinion

  19. You get what you vote for. Meanwhile Wheeler is eating Steak n lobster prob laughing with an evil tone all while counting his $$$

  20. in the beginning also shows the garbage the homeless chuck down the hill why? sure your homeless but what you bring in you take care of it or throw away don't throw it down a garden area.. keep it clean people will appreciate it more not seeing garbage everywhere

  21. the bylaws alone your not allowed to take up a whole sidewalk for tents why do they allow it¡ no one can walk or would want to with those tents everywhere!

  22. Soooo shanty town… homeless encampments… hey everyone I can teach you how to live off the land and live a far more productive life out in their national forests…

  23. Did the old Catholic church downtown survive? It was beautiful but I can't get in touch with anyone who could tell me if it still stands. It dates back to about to 1880. Very beautiful.

  24. I wanna move here. I hear there is good culture there. The people are nice, and it's a great place to live and raise a family.

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