Moving To Newport Oregon vs Portland Oregon

Moving To Newport Oregon vs Portland Oregon. In this video, we dive into what the differences are in looking at relocating to Newport on the Oregon coast versus Portland located only a couple hours to the northeast.

We spoke with Steve Buzby about what led him down the path that ultimately resulted in him deciding to pull up stakes and commit to living on the coast.

Steves the founder of Revel Marketing.

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  1. Hi, are you also a realtor? R enjoyed your video and will share it with our Portland son who is looking to move to Newport

  2. One more thing. I hope people in Oregon realize how blessed they are to NOT have closed and private beaches like Southern California. Not to mention the fact that the Oregon coast is infinitely more beautiful than in California. Lived there, too many years ago. And forget the coast of Florida. Hurricanes destroyed my favorite little area. Nuts building right up to the ocean. Have a great Spring!

  3. As a kid I lived in Lincoln county. As an adult I lived in Portland for several years. Bugger Portland. Give me Newport far and above lousy Portland. Enjoying your vids. Helps me not get chores done!!! Bwahaha!

  4. We're hoping to make the move to Newport next year as I'm able to work remotely now. What is your take on internet speed and reliability in Newport (since that's a requirement to make the dream happen)?

  5. We are hoping to move to Newport from Bend, early next year. Very excited. We are coming to visit this weekend 😊

  6. As someone who has lived in SE Portland my whole life (nearly 40 years). I love Newport compared to Portland. I spend about a month there a year. Portland your gonna deal with unreasonable taxes, stupid violent political groups that are constantly occupying downtown. I really hope 1 day I have the finances to move to newport. I thought that place behind you was the yaquina bay lighthouse lol.

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