1. I saw all of the 5 places I work/use to work at. Pretty cool. If I had a gaming computer this would be one of the games I would play for sure. I would have fun flying around Portland as well as other places in the world. I would land in places like Area 51 and North Korea lol.

  2. When I trying flying there in flight sim 2020 all the building are bugged out and I can't even see the roads, really frustrating… Anyone else have this problem?

  3. There is something wrong with those bridges and I noticed a few trees glitching inside of the buildings in downtown. Outside of that this is SERIOUSLY impressive. I never believed I would see something like this. I can't wait for more games like this in the future.

  4. At the very beginning I see vancouver wa, my home, my moms work, and the store i shop at, with all the parking correct. thats awesome. They gotta work on the bridges though, they look better in other cities.

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