My First Silver Coin! Metal Detecting in Portland Oregon!

Check out what I found between Locksmith Jobs! Im so excited to get my first silver coin!! Don’t forget to like and subscribe and thanks for watching!

Stay Safe everyone!

GoPro Hero 7 –
Cannon T7i Body –
Sigma 18-35mm Art Lens –
Polar Pro Variable ND Filter 2-5 stop –
Polar Pro Variable ND Filter 6-9 stop –
Garrett Super Sluice –
Snuffer Bottles –
Squeeze Bottles –
Scoop –
Crevicing Tool –
Alice Army Pack –
Rock Hammer –
Hip Waders –
Keene A52 Sluice Box –
Low Profile V Matting –
Water Proof Gloves –
Jewelry Loop –


  1. I live in Portland and I recently picked up metal detecting, my best finds are a 1943 nickel and a 1924 wheat penny

  2. Metzger park would be decent if the ground did not get ultra soft every time it rained and your feet sink in the grass and mud.. Thats probably why you found a newer nickel so deep down. Anything there worth keeping will be alot deeper in the ground which sucks.

  3. Don’t polish the war nickel.. unless you want it less valuable but very shiny!
    “1942 Jefferson Nickel. has estimated the 1942 Jefferson Nickel value at an average of 45 cents, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $75”
    I simply wash off the crud.
    No worries it’s your treasure!

  4. The Whites MXT is a very good machine for coins.✅ Looked like a great area to hunt.👍 Nice war nickel.😎👍👍👌👌⛏⛏

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