NE vs. SE Portland Oregon – Which Section is Better?

NE vs. SE Portland Oregon – Which Section is Better? Are you thinking of moving or relocating to Portland Oregon and thinking that the East side of Portland is where you want to live?

In this video Jackson and Jesse take you through the vast differences between living and working in Northeast vs. Southeast Portland Oregon!

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  1. Portland has a lot going for it, but unfortunately, it has very poor governance and the 100+ days of violent protest and riots are driving business and people out. If they are successful at abolishing police, you will see a giant sucking sound of jobs and businesses leaving at warp speed. That's going to put a heavy tax burden on those remaining. It's very sad because it's a beautiful city in a beautiful area.

  2. “There’s bars, restaurants, shops” you forgot to mention “protestors”. Seriously though, crazy you 2 are making videos about moving to Portland right now, lol. I get you gotta eat and support the family, but maybe focus on the surrounding areas? Portland is a straight war zone. You’re trying to get people hurt? Come on y’all.

  3. Subscribed! Looking into moving to the area next year from Jersey as an English teacher. This channel is a goldmine of information to help plan.

  4. I was looking to transfer to Portland for work in February but should I wait till things settle down in Portland, it seems like the mayor doesn't care

  5. I’ve lived in Beaverton for a long time and I’m surprised I haven’t seen u around but my freind knows ur son

  6. It is a war zone playing out here now. Move here at your own lives risk. This is a "Sanctuary City." If you do not value your own well being, a house or property being destroyed, or possibly losing the ability to be able to sell for over 1.00 at the rate things are going, and once again, your very own life, then Portland IS the place for you. "Come on down."

  7. Awesome video, thanks guys. Me and my wife live in New York and we are going to Seattle and Portland to start checking out which areas would be better for us.

  8. Production on your videos is awesome! Thank you guys for the info! We are watching! Go Rip City!

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