Oregon Gubernatorial Candidate Stan Pulliam Attacked By AntiFa In Downtown Portland

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  1. Eventually the oppressor will be overthrown by the oppressed. Then the oppressed will become the oppressor.
    A story as old as time.
    The American government has become corrupt and no longer serves the people.
    The American ruling class as two choices, reform or be overthrown.

  2. Folded up against a bunch of pussies. If your not willing to meet them head on and beat their asses you deserve what you get. Grow some cajones and spank them like stepchild. See what liberalism gets you? Take America back but not with words or time out be men.

  3. And Portland PD did not even respond. Elderly women was assaulted. Who is funding these domestic terrorist groups!? We know the larpers aren't out on their own. They stick to blue cities they know that cops cower to them. People need to start hiring biker groups to do security for rallies. 300+ bikers won't be intimidated by these Freaks.

  4. The most disgusting thing is that the police continue to allow this to happen. These vile creatures of evil are allowed to run wild throughout the city with reckless abandon, and nobody does a damn thing about it. Absolutely shameful!

  5. I have been a registered Democrat since I turned eighteen, and used to be proud to call myself a liberal/progressive, but I am absolutely disgusted and enraged by what happened at Mayor Pulliam's rally this weekend in Portland, as I am absolutely outraged and disgusted by this city. I may disagree with Mayor Pulliam on certain political issues, but he has every right to come to Portland and campaign for the election, and the vile scum who showed up to silence him can consider themselves lucky that I wasn't there to witness this garbage. Of course they don't need luck with the ZERO response from the city of Portland. Has Ted Wheeler made a single comment on this vicious attack on our Democracy? No! Has Kate Brown issued any apology to the Pulliam campaign? None that I have heard. And how about the pathetic excuse that passes for journalism at the Oregonian where they buried the coverage of this attack and gave it to Catalina Gaitan, who I can only assume by the quality of her reporting, was hired to clean toilets at the Oregonian but was given the assignment due to a lack of qualified journalists. She describes the incident as a "fireworks accident" between two "rival groups". What garbage! This was an attack on a candidate running for office who was doing nothing more than exercising his Constitutional Right to campaign and speak to his supporters. What happened this weekend was nothing short of an assault on our Democracy, and when the city of Portland remains silent, or tries to distort the truth about what happened, then this city and its so called leaders have proven themselves to be no better than the likes of Vladimir Putin.

  6. They think they’re so tough as they throw crap and then run away. 🙄 I’m so sick j of their shit. Why don’t Wheeler and Brown do anything about these losers?!

  7. a message for Antifa. Being your sorry asses to Tennessee and see how long we will put up with your shit. trust me, it wont be but a min of too before you start running for your lives!

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