Outlaw Motorcycle Club Scares Antifa In Portland, What Happened?

Antifa responds to Outlaw Bikers👉
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0:00 Portland antifa accuses Gypsy jokers Mc of going after them
0:21 Demons Row intro
1:01 Sose the Ghost explains antifa being targeted by the gypsy jokers
1:45 police officer speaks on incident
2:22 Karen interrupts police officer
2:35 Karen calls out the Gyspy Jokers MC outlaw bikers
2:40 Sose The Ghost speaks on Karen’s comments
3:33 antifa Karen wants help from police but still wants them defunded
3:46 Interviewer tells Karen to use her words
4:17 antifa Karen wants to know if the police care
4:34 Sose The Ghost says why is Antifa asking for police help? Dont they want them defunded?
6:22 Antifa tells there members not to post on social media
8:28 Sose The Ghost talks about the Ghosts Against the Machine movement
biker news: antifa member interrupts a police conference and speaks on Seattle police not helping Antifa. These are the same people calling to defund the police. We cover it on this episode of demons row tv!