Outlaw Motorcycle Club Scares Antifa In Portland, What Happened?

Antifa responds to Outlaw Bikers👉
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0:00 Portland antifa accuses Gypsy jokers Mc of going after them
0:21 Demons Row intro
1:01 Sose the Ghost explains antifa being targeted by the gypsy jokers
1:45 police officer speaks on incident
2:22 Karen interrupts police officer
2:35 Karen calls out the Gyspy Jokers MC outlaw bikers
2:40 Sose The Ghost speaks on Karen’s comments
3:33 antifa Karen wants help from police but still wants them defunded
3:46 Interviewer tells Karen to use her words
4:17 antifa Karen wants to know if the police care
4:34 Sose The Ghost says why is Antifa asking for police help? Dont they want them defunded?
6:22 Antifa tells there members not to post on social media
8:28 Sose The Ghost talks about the Ghosts Against the Machine movement
biker news: antifa member interrupts a police conference and speaks on Seattle police not helping Antifa. These are the same people calling to defund the police. We cover it on this episode of demons row tv!


  1. Trying to figure out how some white boys on bikes trying to look mean can scare anyone. That's a joke right. Oh you meant to say scared women and lbgtqfpa4x6si people. And I'm white

  2. Never heard of the Gypsy Jokers but i love these guys. Much respect from Montreal. Stomp those bitchs

  3. They couldn't have possibly kidnapped her…….they ride bikes , not drive dump trucks. + would need a forklift.

  4. To all my fellow 2 wheel brother's and sisters……..
    Maybe this won't mean much , but been on two wheels racing in the dirt for over 40 years.
    I support you guys more than you know. I too just left Portland , like many in the comments below. Had my run in's with Antifa as well.
    Moved outside the city , which was the best thing I could have done. You guys keep on , keepin' on! I may not ride on the street , but support you guys 100%!

  5. MC world and bikers alike dont cause problems. Unless disrespected. ANTIFA that's all they know is disrespect. Then when shit gets real…..911!! Agree pathetic!!!

  6. Bikers protecting the city while Antifa burn it down.
    I hate to say it but countries need the Police or they would be in total poverty.

  7. The Police officers face during her rant says it all. Go back to worrying about the neighbors dog shitting on your lawn Karen. Noone cares.

  8. The so called Antifa is any bonehead that wants to call themself that. Just like anyone can by a jacket and patches and call themself a biker. The real enemy is the government.

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