1. Why would anyone want to take their family to Portland. Mite as well take a vacation to Chicago.

  2. Portland is a S. Hole. stay away and just hope that you make it out without Hit & Run Joanne Hardsety doesen't ram your car and take off .

  3. Stay Out Of Downtown If Possible It Will Take Years if Lucky For It Ever To Make Anykind of Decent Comeback ,,Alot Moving Out For A Long Ride To Idaho ,,Wheeler The Mentel Midget And Brown The Harpy Just Have To Go

  4. the funny thing is everyone is cleared out of downtown as soon as the sun goes down, day time is still shady as fuk but tolerable in some spots just get out before dark

  5. Hey Andy remember when that crazy dude threw wads of cash in the air there 20 years ago and we went into a free for all with dozens of people all laughing and diving for bills? Weird day.

  6. Glad I left that lefty shithole. Sucks, because it was home for 49 years. Just California now. Quit voting with your feelings.

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