PIPS Original DOUGHNUTS Travel: Portland, Oregon Tour

Pip’s Original Mini Doughnuts Portland, Oregon
This hip, casual coffee cafe specializes in fried-to-order mini-donuts, chai & espresso drinks.At Pip’s Original in Portland, you’ll find good old fashioned deep fried mini doughnuts.

Creations range from simple sugar and cinnamon doughnuts to more elaborate creations like doughnuts covered in Nutella, Raw Honey, cinnamon and sea salt. These mini doughnuts are Sweet and airy, in high demand and on weekends there is often a line out the door for them. Not only do they have great doughnuts, but they’ve got great chai lattes too. Pip’s uses tea and raw spices
to create five flavorful house-crafted chai lattes. Their chai blends are never pasteurized or microfiltered, so you’re actually drinking the spices and tea. This is the perfect place
for morning takeout. We decided on trying one of each with one of them being candied bacon.

Pip’s Original Mini Doughnuts
Tiny Doughnuts and Hand-crafted Chai
4759 NE Fremont St Ste C
Portland, OR 97213
(503) 206-8692

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