Portland Gear – Portland, Oregon / My First Visit & Store Tour #portlandgear #kreepers

kreepers Today we are kreepn to the Portland Gear Store-
#portlandgear @portlandgear #portlandoregon #kreepers

Instagram- @portlandgear
Store Location – 627 SW 19th Portland, OR 97205

Stop thru tell em’ The Kreeper sent ya!
Also please Check out there Youtube Channel


  1. Hey, how awesome is that! Not only was it a generous act to give you a free hat, but it was good advertisement!!! The Portland brand has gotten to be pretty popular, I guess. I wouldn't mind having one of their sweat shirts! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Klearski, beautiful Cherry Blossoms, the store was cool and a free hat to boot.🀘🧒🌸🌸🌸🀘

  3. I wonder why they reference Portland as β€œsince 1845”. Maybe because that was the year of the coin toss? The city was actually incorporated in February of 1851.

  4. Kreeeeeeepers! Very pretty cherry blossoms buddy. Holy cow! That's a lot of cards! So card the designer is no longer with us but great that his work lives on in the collaboration. Very cool gear. Nice hat Klearski! Another great vlog!

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