Portland is Infested With Drugs and Homeless People | Downtown Portland (Extended Version) PNW

Giving You a Tour Around Downtown Portland Oregon, giving you a small taste of the issues the city is going through with an infestation of drug addicts and homeless people.

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  1. No one cares about ish hole Portland or the scum of the earth liberal that live there. They are so progressive they forgot about helping people and dove right into a Nazi socialist leadership the city counsel is aids ridden Drug addicts .

  2. We have always suffered from misfits, crazies, defiant slobs, drunks and opium/heroin losers.

    I'd guess that 1 out of 100 of these tent denizens shown in video legitimately warrant special consideration…pehaps they should seek their own family's succour?  …as we no doubt once did as a stronger and more bound society.

    Did we perhaps just house these losers in State and Church and swj dumping grounds?

    Perhaps as we restore our Nation from this leftist infestation — a few large holding pens for these derilects may be most warranted?  🇺🇸🇺🇸😎🇨🇦🇨🇦🇬🇧🇬🇧🇦🇺🇦🇺🇳🇿🇳🇿

  3. Don't move to Portland !! It is a rat hole !! Trashy people every where. I am to old to move so I am putting up with it. Buy outside the city limits. 9 shootings in just a few hours . 62 dead this year .

  4. Once you start to tolerate this activity it snowballs into what you see here. Portland is a lost cause similar to San Francisco. What tourist would like to come here?

  5. Alright everyone enough of the blame and the stating of information we already know . WE NEED TO COME UP WITH SOLUTIONS. The problems have already been stated and we should all be aware of them. What can we do to help? What is the answer going forward? Just like a damn math problem, we got to work this out step by step. At this point it isn't about one person changing it, we need everyone to come together like this man in the video was alluding to. Imagine if we all took a day off our jobs and all helped clean up trash. Or all shared food. Or all signed a petition to legislate some sort of way to recycle all the trash cleanly so it doesn't pollute this planet we call home. Or all of us donated 20 dollars worth of food for the people in need every month. Instead of building more bridges what about facilities where people can hang out in and get help with the necessary resources, not just that one place by the train station. Have them all around the city and suburbs. Just imagine if we all chipped in! Have more community centers that have art activities, basketball hoops, skating rinks, video games, movies, fields to run around in, free classes of an arrangement of beneficial skills, lol I mean c'mon now lets come up with things that can help everyone out. And if people were to volunteer, they should be rewarded with free room and board and meals covered. The basic needs in life met. What world do we want to live in? What kind of Portland do we want? Portland has the reputation of being different? Well lets be different in a positive way. Or instead of looting and destructing and marking the city walls, we all help to repair the damages. Or took time out of our days to talk to a fellow man or woman out on the street and see how they're doing in there. Isolation can be a real bitch especially when you feel cut out from the rest of the world. Disconnection leads to mental illness. Neglect is traumatic af. DO WE REALLY WANT A PIG STY AS HOME? WE NEED IDEAS. I don't feel lashing out in anger and spite is doing anything positive. The people on the streets are people just like you and me, I've been there before. They definitely should be treated as such and a helping hand should be given. Nobody should be out in the cold. The "politicians" they don't have power over us. What about you and me? The common Man and Woman? This division needs to end. The hate and fear we all know what it is. We should now know what Love and compassion is and what it could do for all of us. Look we got National Negative Attention. We know what that attention entails. Now what would be National Positive Attention? We should move towards the positive now. WE ARE ALL ON THE COLOR SPECTRUM. IT IS TIME FOR ALL OF US TO STOP STANDING AND WATCHING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. I DONT WANT TO GIVE UP AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU. LETS COME TOGETHER NOT DIVIDE. ONE LOVE STR8 UP.

  6. OMG. What happened to the city? It's all tents and filthy. There are no tourists, pedestrians or cars. Used to be so clean, fun and you had to fight for a parking spot. Is anyone who is not 'on the take' going to fix this?

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