Portland man says police officers neglected his 911 call, causing him to get shot

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  1. I was pulled out of my car in a road rage incident. It was on dash cam and a bank camera. I filed a police report and talked with a beat cop turned in my evidence a memory card containing both videos. they the cops the people who are NOT required to protect and serve (Supreme Court decision not opinion) they would not even turn the evidence back over to me.
    the cities clean up crew there after the fact.

  2. I had cops fail me, too, years ago, even when two 911 calls were forcibly disconnected by the attacker; which is supposed to generate an auto-call back and response, but they did NOTHING!! Same when a car ran into mine in a parking lot deliberately in 2004, they didn't even take a report.

  3. Portland citizens;
    If you want things to change for the better, then ELECT DIFFERENT PEOPLE!
    The ones you have leading your fine city are incompetent.

  4. This is unclear, did the victim track down his car by the GPS and confront the thieves? Did he find his car, called the police, waited, then confronted by the thieves? People don't literally move because their vehicles are stolen. Did the suspect and victim know one another?

  5. Oh the irony. Community that de-funded and chased off their police force complaining about response time. Portland is a town of complainers and malcontents. You get what you deserve.

  6. These are hard working people in our community. Get taken advantage of a lot more than anybody wants to see. Jade district should be protected better by its citizens but the criminals are disgusting filth.

  7. Time for total Constitutional Carry. Until this is under some resemblance of controls. Many other states are allowing it because so many police have left the forces around America. We Are Our Own Police. And no law or restriction can take away a persons right to defend themselves. No offense intended, but the Asian communities need to realize they are no longer in their old countries. If they are Americans, they came to the right place. My father came from the Philippines and fought in WW2 and the Korean conflict. Make your decisions now. The city leaders and media allowed Portland to burn, even while locking down everyone else, so you know who they really are.

  8. The Portland police aren't releasing any details about what happened that night because they're trying to do a Uvalde style coverup. The cops that showed up were probably too scared to do anything and left with their tails between their legs and now hope no one finds out the truth.

  9. I don't know what he's so mad about. Uncle Ted said, in plain, clear English… that he was, single-handedly, with his "program" and with a big bunch of money, going to reduce crime on the streets of Portland… "Safe Streets Summer" he called it.
    Isn't that catchy name enough to solve the problem all by itself?
    Ted seems to think so. And he KNOWS ALL THERE IS TO KNOW about crime. After all, he stood up with the BLM'ers, and cried for defunding the PPB. That should make him an EXPERT on crime.

  10. Everyone is scared. Police showed up and when they left thats when he was shot. Cops can’t stay on scene forever. Not PPB fault. PPB is short staffed and try to do their best with what they have left.

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