Portland May Put Economic Sanctions On Texas Following Attack On Reproductive Freedom

The city of Portland, Oregon is currently deciding whether or not to place what amounts to economic sanctions against the state of Texas for attacking the reproductive freedom of women in Texas. The “sanctions” would ban trade and travel (for city purposes) to and from the state, which actually doesn’t amount to very much. But just as corporations began to boycott Georgia over their voter suppression efforts, so, too, could this spark a nationwide boycott of Texas. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains why this is important.

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Tomorrow, the city of Portland is going to vote on whether or not to impose what amounts to economic sanctions against the state of Texas in response to the restrictive Texas abortion bill. Now, what this would do would say that there would be no official travel, no city sponsored travel, between Portland and Texas. The city would all show boycott any goods being produced in Texas and they would not send any goods produced in Portland to the state of Texas. Now, I admire what Portland is doing here and I support it 100%, but let’s be perfectly clear about something. This isn’t going to cripple the state of Texas. This isn’t really even going to make that big of a dent in their economy if it makes one at all. What Portland is doing is taking a moral stand with these economic sanctions. And hopefully what Portland is doing is showing everyone else what to do. That’s the effect here.

That’s the power of what the city of Portland is voting on tomorrow. Not just for them, but for other cities to follow suit. Now think about this for a moment. When Georgia earlier this year passed their major suppressive voting bill, what happened? One by one, we saw companies stand up. We saw them stand up and say, guess what, we’re leaving Georgia. We don’t want anything to do with this. We’re out. We’re not going to film our movies here. We’re not going to put our manufacturing base here. We’re out. We’re moving our sports games out of your state. You’re going to lose a ton of money because of what you’re doing here. And of course we had the corporations pledged to not give money to the politicians, a pledge that they almost immediately went back on and started giving money. But nonetheless, it did have an economic impact on the state of Georgia and I do believe that’s what the city of Portland is attempting to do here with the state of Texas. But they cannot do it alone. Right.

This is just one city in the Northwest versus Texas. You know, second most populous state in the nation. So it’s going to take more than that. And I do hope that much like with Georgia, other cities, other companies follow suit, and they say, listen, your restricting the reproductive rights of women across your state. You don’t want people to get abortions, then maybe you ought to invest in better sex education. Maybe you ought to start talking to the men. I love, I love the trope of even if one woman has sex with a hundred men per year, she can only produce one full term pregnancy in that year. Meanwhile, a man, if he has sex with 100 women that year, he can produce 100 full term pregnancies in those women every year. So who’s the real problem here, right? We’re directing and attacking women when they’re not the ones who are out there making all these babies on their own. And then of course you have the other situation where as soon as the woman gets pregnant, the state wants nothing to do with them.

You know, you get shunned, a social outcast, especially, you know, if you’re not a married individual. We’re not going to help you pay for anything. You know, we’re not going to give you a health care. We’re not going to give you food stamps. We don’t want to help you at all. But just make sure you carry the baby to term.


  1. Oooh powerhouse Portland is threatening to boycott Texas! ARE YOU KIDDING???! Texas uses Portland to wipe their ass!

  2. My opinion this is how I look at it since the big dog loss now they want to take women rights away from them all this going on it's because Trump lost so they try to call itself pay back and that's a shame but that's the way I look at it and that's my opinion

  3. Too many people in the world they complain about that now they want people to keep their baby even if you get raped they are disgrace to America that's my opinion

  4. Yeah you got that right is the one with the penis they need to use rubbers if not use a a freaking sandwich bag pay attention you might learn something that's my opinion

  5. Good for Portland and why can't the rest of Americans stand up and fight for our rights against these partisan hacks in our laws that don't reflect the will of the people.

  6. I don’t like what Texas is pulling, but my city council and the mayor have major problems in this city to deal with first. There job is to better Portland not shame Texas.

  7. Well. At least Portland is on top of its problem with out of town right wing militias and their police force that works with them.

    I'm sure the dozen or so Portland employees who may fly to Texas on official business will be a huge hit on the Texas economy so noticeable that it will save the children and right wing out of town militias who collaborate with Portland police officers.

  8. He pretty much said it all. They don't want to take care of the mothers, they don't want to take care of the unwanted children or help them get adopted. They just view these as annoying hindrances on tax payer money.

  9. The more I learn about Portland the more impressed I am how progressive and smart they are. Wish I could move there.

  10. We should all rise up against Texas and they're stinking thinking racist base hate they need to be rained in quick fast and in a hurry

  11. Republicans are giving me whiplash. They want people to fight for their rights. Vaccines, for example, don't want people to be forced into getting vaccinated. Yet, they want to make abortion illegal, which tantamounts to the same thing: choice.

  12. I don’t wanna put another nail in the coffin…….. BUT:
    France just made contraception free for every women. It was already free for women under 24 Y O.
    At this point , France is just trolling you guys. Did I mention it was available and free?? For every women??! That’s how socialist France is!

  13. Farron, Who cares, seriously, Portland has chosen to go down the communist toilet and what little commerce they have in Texas won't hurt Texas at all…most likely just hurt the people of Portland and they don't really care, look what they allowed to happen to themselves. They can just be their own autonomous zone, nobody will miss them, kinda like nobody will miss Farron's next video.

  14. They can’t go far enough on those who don’t believe in the Constitution anymore! This is a rebellion insurrection state that’s in full on opposition on the Constitution thats these officials are sworn to protect? They in Texas need all Government official offices, and anything they print for the Government removed from the state immediately! No ifs no buts or we will think about it! This is something President Joe Biden needs to do immediately an hour before I typed this.

    And if the DOJ has no stomach to prosecute those responsible for the murder of civilians without them being held accountable by state or law. Then President Biden you need to have an immediate Executive order in allowing the International Court On Human Rights do the job professionally for the American people as an independent body that will lay out the crimes and what charges to bring. If the federal government won’t take action let the Courts in The Hague do the job for the American people?

    Even if that’s a temporary order it’s clear and independent from any American party, without favour or prejudices on those who have been killed and those who killed! Everyone must be accountable for their earthly crimes to stop others from following suit. Make those responsible in the United States Of America accountable for their crimes Mr President.

    As the greatest generation gave their lives all 430,00+ great irreplaceable and the unforgtten young American boys and young men lying in some of the most beautifully created cemetery’s from the fallen who freed them deserved. The people of Europe have never forgotten their sacrifices every year with celebrating this until covid stopped it so far. What they did for the world during WWII those survivors made sure they didn’t die in vain. Each of those souls fought for their country but most importantly. They fought for their God and their fellow citizens, under the most oppressive regimes in the world to date! And what they did was documented and horrendous to watch even today.

    They made many Nazis and some of the most evil Japanese’s on what they did to humans accountable to the laws on what was unbelievable cruelty and harm never seen before on film or pictures to date. No one should be free to kill for a political self serving goal. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO ESCAPE JUSTICE FOR THE 600,000+ WHO DIED IN TRUMPS ADMINISTRATION! Someone needs to be accountable for this, as the Supreme Court did say no one is above the LAW, period!

  15. I hope they do it. And I hope other cities follow suit. I'm from Texas, and Texas needs to run its shit legislature out on a rail.

  16. Because Republican men they like the fact that they can knock up a woman and she has nowhere to go except for back to them this gives these men authority over women so if they knock him up and their mind they now belong to them sickening


  18. I was born and raised in this backward state. And I say "boycott" products made in Texas. Women especially should be doing this.

  19. That's the only way you're going to hurt the Republican party is in the pocketbook. Dear Lord and Master the almighty dollar owns their souls and allegiance and failty 100%. No accountability for their lies and actions. There's no crime apparently. The new motto of the Republican party is,. No accountability,.. no crime,..

  20. Yeah showing them what to do but unfortunately, they don't have the courage to do it. Whatever happened to standing up for your rights and the Constitution? It seems lying stealing and cheating are the only way to get ahead in politics anymore because that's the only outlet that has no accountability for their lies t and crimes

  21. Old Republicans Men Never Ever Been Rape R Pregnant ! They Need To Stop Taking Our Right ! We Are Pass Women Should Be Unheard And Only Seen ! Incest , Stepfather's, Uncle's , Cousin's ! I Wonder How These Republicans Would Feel if it Happens In There Family !

  22. Republicans are doing absolutely everything they can, to not have to do the right thing. This has been shown over and over and over again. Honestly, as a political party they are more akin to a disease than than anything even resembling a civil servant.


  24. Cool,we show yo many failure to pays in Oregon. It's really no loss . Blue hairs must think they have something to offer.

  25. I hope they sanction Texas, and I am from and live in Texas. This is absolutely bullshit what these idiot Republicans have done.

  26. Another problem is adoption is very expensive. My wife and I struggled to conceive and decided instead of spending money on expensive options we would adopt because we wanted to take care of a child in need. We could not afford it. We did end up conceiving on our own finally but it was very upsetting to see how hard it was to give a child a good home.

  27. What about the suppressing vote bill? That's it? Did it pass at the legislators level? This is pure COMMUNISM, NAZISM, FASCISM!
    Are the Republicans who are making these changes to our Constitution in an abusive, arbitrarily, and with malice aforethought, going to stay in power? Vote them, the heck, out!
    If they stay in power we, the people, will become their slaves! Please understand that.
    Please, those who don't know what these regimes are all about, please ask Google. You will find out things that are wrong and that the Republicans have lied about. Thank you!
    Vote the Republicans out! They are now accepting QAnons to run for office!
    Let's protect and defend our country, the constitution, the rule of law, our people, and our rights.

  28. The federal government needs to sanction Texas. They want to be dumb, let them be dumb with no federal funds. Ps. Winter is coming, how's that idiot governor doing making sure the state doesn't freeze again?

  29. Ladies…just move out of Texas…take your tax dollars to a state that will protect your rights.
    Texas legislature has no problem stripping Texans of their rights….why stay?

  30. Hopefully, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco follow Portland's lead. What will Texans do without being able to easily buy Microsoft, Apple and other electronics as easily as they can now.
    Those that (in Gov't) that supported this bill should get a phone call EVERY DAY (and personally, not on voicemail or thru aide) telling them the number of women that had been hospitalized or died the previous day trying to do an abortion on their own (or with another), as well as the number of "new" children placed in foster/adoptive care. Let them know that their actions will create many more children in a sterile environment with (more than likely) overworked staff trying to care for a bunch of babies and toddlers with little money. It is pretty much a foregone conclusion that the Texas legislature isn't about to appropriate a fair amount of more money to the places that have the children.

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