1. Utah has proven that providing actual apartments for their homeless is cheaper than keeping them on the street. Their program has been adapted by other countries….but Portland cannot seem to figure out what to do. They're studying it though, with any luck they'll stop wringing their hands and actually do something before they reach the level of public funds wasted on the 'new' bridge that didn't get built over the Columbia River. Building tiny homes for more than $50,000 per copy and sequestering them in little groups will NOT get folks re-entered to society. Drive through Salt Lake City….they have a much different look.

  2. If this is your idea of a s–thole, you haven't seen much of the world have you? Instead of bitching, get out and do something. The 'good ol' days, the good ol' days' yeah right. They were so good for a lot of folks. Ask most of these tent folks where they are from and they will probably tell you Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio or some other 'wholesome' place where they get get their ass kicked for being homeless. Direct your misguided anger to the sources of the issue. Then again, it's just easier to blame what you see in front of you, no other thought required.

  3. The ideological, political posturing here is disgusting, and mostly a lie. In truth, Portland is still a vibrant, beautiful city, but with the same urban problems experienced by any large American city. Portland's problems are not unique, and It is NOT a "third-world shithole" by any stretch of the imagination. The boarded-up buildings are not as large in number as right-wing media would have you believe, and the "chaos in the streets" is mostly the antics of young troublemakers who have nothing better to do, and who come out at night when the network cameras show up. As with any dramatic event, the media exaggerates what's going on in Portland. Dishonest videos like this really piss me off, especially when they mischaracterize a great city like Portland.

  4. I lived in Portland in 1975 for a year. It was still a great place then. But: even though I was a counterculture hippie at the time, I started becoming uncomfortable with the weirdness of parts of the city. The loose morality, drugs, new-age 'spirituality' began to lead to something that intuitively felt twisted. I left soon after. Lived in California for 5 years until 1997….and had to leave again. The same cultural spiral down an unhealthy rabbit hole. Now it is engulfing the entire country. The whole Leftist hippie thing which was so attractive in my teens and 20's grew old, as I grew older and grew up. Move to New Zealand next? North Pole? follow Elon Musk to Mars…..

  5. 😄I've worked in most of those tall condos you drove bye. I know those people paid between 450k-2.5mil. Teddy and his crew have cut there property values in half.

  6. Lived here since the 90's, it used to be a great place. I can't believe so many people here are destroying the lives of as many people as they possibly can by destroying, stealing and looting our city.. Many business will probably be leaving and there are homeless people all over Portland. Our future looks mighty grim.

  7. Very sad. I used to love this city. The boards the tents the masks the riots.and anyone who isnt a part of any of that are staring down at their dwvices..👈 well that part is pretty much everywhere..How quickly it all happened is mind blowing

  8. Shortly after legalizing small amounts of any drug the "Peanut butter and crack sandwich" became the staple of the Portland tent hobo diet

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