Portland Oregon 2021 Downtown Driving Tour

Drove around downtown Portland February 8th 2021 for 30 minutes.
It looks a lot different than it used to. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. In retrospect, from all the negative replies this video has had, I don’t think including the part of town that has been vagrant central for the last 50 years was the best way to illustrate how Portland is, or sell real estate for that matter. As a Portlander seeing old town does not phase me because it’s always been a dive and it is such a small portion of downtown. For those who love to hate Portland and those who know nothing about it, it’s obviously a vary bad idea to have vagrant central old town as the centerpiece of this video.

  2. Nothing like cherry picking the areas you drove through! . You did one hell of a great job avoiding the high concentration of damage and tents. Quit trying to sell this now shit hole of a city. I once lived there for 35 years.

  3. This seems to be a charming place, I hope I can visit in the future when all this is over. Seeing and sharing places like this is why I love traveling and make videos so much!

  4. I used to drive over that bridge (Morrison Bridge) to work. Before that I biked through Chinatown. You chose to specifically drive by the downtown homeless shelters during a pandemic. You're purposefully showing the bleakest part of town that is also a business district and very different from other residential areas of the city. Portland is way more than downtown.

  5. this place looks like a shit box…and this is coming from someone who lives in Alabama. For a place claiming to be all woke and environmentally in tune they sure have a long way to go compared to us southerners

  6. Downtown Portland is in much worse shape than Seattle………I won't take my family to vacation again in Portland……..people are afraid to walk amd always thinking aboiut a sudden attack by anarchsts and Antifa Marxists…….where are the downtown police….Probab;y defimded./…….Portland residents knew what they would get by electing Socialists…………..Well Portland live with what you sowed……..just another PR job pushing real estate sales………Portland will be dead for many years………Portland the Detroit of the 21st Centiury!!!

  7. I used to love Portland. Relatively safe, very walkable and lots of places to eat, shop, and just relax. However even before the pandemic it changed. The anarchists and the homeless became emboldened by pandering politicians took over and became violent and did physical damage as well as reputation all damage to what WAS a great small city. It’s no longer safe, fun or pleasant to be in Portland anymore. I stopped going in 2019.

  8. I will always miss and love portland. I was raised there sense 1942 at 6 years old. I have pictures and videos stored in my head that I can review anytime. I have so many wonderful memories. I have lived in many cities across the nation including Hawai'i but for me Portland is where my heart lives. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana now. Been here for years and I have no urge to visit the downtown area. I used to drive a public city bus in Portland and Gresham.

  9. Drug addicts, cracked tar roads, homeless tents, rubbish, empty buildings, wall barriers, filthy sidewalks, ugly graffiti, I think this video was made to warn everyone before thinking of moving to Portland. I'm going to watch some videos of driving around Japan just to cleanse my mind after watching this.

  10. Unreal! A very carefully planned out video. I note it is all during the day, and it is now mostly inhabited by bums and vagrants. Countless businesses have closed for good after many decades in Portland! Progressive liberal policy has gotten completely out of hand and you cannot expect it to be a clean pleasant city when the Mayor allows and even supports nightly RIOTS! This is disgusting! I know what I am talking about as I have lived in Vancouver & Battle Ground WA for over 40 years. It was NEVER like this. Police have been cut drastically and Portland now has 2 MURDERS A WEEK according to a recent report by the Willamette Weekly newspaper. I would NOT suggest anyone venture into Portland, let alone move there. If we are being honest, you know I am right.

  11. Been here for some time now, relocated from L.A. Portland isn't so bad the problem is everyone seems to be okay with what's going on. I feel Oregonans need to start taking there city back before it ends up like L.A.

  12. NE and in the hills is still gorgeous! Spring is in the air and the people are lovely as well. No better place in the country for good food, awesome scenery, tons to do outdoors and the WEATHER! Spring/Summer/Fall – GORG!

  13. Oregon isn’t that bad at all but Portland has gotten pretty bad in 2020. Idk if things will change but hopefully 2021 is better

  14. As an Oregonian, Portland is no longer the Rose City. Has not been for some time. It is a ghetto. A sad, miserable place of human misery and hopelessness. And noone did a thing to prevent it. In fact, the people of Portland, Oregon just REelected the gutless and irresponsible Mayor who has allowed this City to become this filthy place. Yes, they reelected worthless Ted Wheeler. So Portlanders themselves are responsible for this.

  15. How are things east of the river? Is it the same story? Are the homeless in the parks, or are they mostly in the downtown area?

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