Portland, Oregon | 4K 🚘 Driving Tour | PSU – Downtown

Driving tour of Downtown Portland, Oregon. From the southern side of downtown Portland where the Portland State University campus is located to Pioneer Square which has nickname “Portland’s Living Room”.
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  1. Thank you for last night 🙏🙇‍♀️ I made my new companion with another account. Thank you.done✅👌🙋‍♀️

  2. Portland, Oregon good😊😊🚗🚗

  3. Aah. Sunshine and walking tour! Perfect for your camera 🙂 new subscriber here! I also make videos for my channel about cities like Hamburg! Stay in touch! Where are you from?

  4. It's a really nice driving. The video was filmed very stably. It's very nice. I enjoyed the trip through the video. Thank you.💖👍🙏

  5. A very well-maintained and beautiful cityscape. Enjoyed the drive 😊 Have a nice day with my friends.

  6. Napakagandang lugar pala dyan s portland downtown, napakalinis ng kalsada.walang traffic.peaceful n peaceful . new friend here, sending support from sweetie vills

  7. Such awesome sight along the highway in Portland, Oregon. It's not just the blue Sky but it's an amazing buildings on his side. Love it ! 👍

  8. Nice job with the tour, been a second since I visited PSU. Thanks for taking us along!

  9. New friend here from mylabz@ Katbern stay safe and God bless your way❤️😇🙏

  10. Beautiful driving tour! Thank you for sharing! Like43👍Greetings from japan🗾 Have a nice day✨

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