Portland Oregon: Cool Things To Do // Destinations Explained

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00:00 Intro
00:47 About Portland
02:50 Multnomah Falls
03:35 Vista House
04:16 Rocky Butte
04:55 International Rose Test Garden
05:53 Pittock Mansion
06:33 Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
07:35 Wahclella Falls
08:17 Glenn Otto Community Park
08:48 Silver Falls State Park
09:23 Thor’s Well
09:58 Haystack Rock
10:56 Mount Hood
12:00 Pine State Biscuits | Division
12:32 Mother’s Bistro & Bar
13:08 The Roxy
13:41 Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House
14:14 Andina
14:52 Salty’s on the Columbia
15:26 Coava Coffee Roasters
15:56 Voodoo Doughnut – Old Town
16:37 Multnomah Whiskey Library
17:15 Ground Kontrol
17:49 Kelly’s Olympian
18:28 Cascade Brewing Barrel House
19:08 Extra Tips
19:57 Outro

Multnomah Falls –
Vista House –
Rocky Butte –
International Rose Test Garden –
Pittock Mansion –
Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area –
Wahclella Falls –
Glenn Otto Community Park –
Silver Falls State Park –
Thor’s Well –
Haystack Rock –
Mount Hood –
Pine State Biscuits | Division –
Mother’s Bistro & Bar –
The Roxy –
Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House –
Andina –
Salty’s on the Columbia –
Coava Coffee Roasters –
Voodoo Doughnut – Old Town –
Multnomah Whiskey Library –
Ground Kontrol –
Kelly’s Olympian –
Cascade Brewing Barrel House –

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  1. No mention of POWELL'S???!?!?!
    Also, the McMenamin's brewpubs are something to check out- they have a knack for rescuing old buildings and making really distinctive restaurants out of them- and more! The former county poor farm (Edgefield) is now a full complex with hotel/resort, restaurants, brewery, winery, distillery, etc etc. A derelict elementary school (Kennedy School) has become a hotel where you sleep in an old classroom, as well as community center, movie theatre, meeting rooms, several restaurants, bars, brewery, and even a soaking pool! There's a former wedding/funeral chapel (Chapel Pub) with the bar in the main nave, The Crystal Ballroom, etc etc…Similar flavor, but all different!
    And ignore the naysayers. Portland is 145 sq miles. 4 blocks of protesters downtown is scarcely a blip on the radar. The homeless problem is no worse that other cities of similar size, especially on the temperate West Coast.
    And if you come in the rainy season, bring a parka, not an umbrella. An umbrella marks you as an outsider. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, I'm a family vacation with my Boys and I can use this video to plan our activities.
    Great video 😚😉

  3. See the piles of garbage. See the wonderful drug addicts everywhere. Dodge the lovely panhandlers. Luxuriate in the lawlessness which is so very exciting. Enjoy the boarded up downtown where locals fear to go.

  4. He said voodoo best donuts in the world? Just lost all food credibility… some of the most overrated donuts. Trash.

  5. It’s pronounced “Try-met” transit lol. But that’s ok… we mispronounced half the things around here when we first moved. Clack-a-mas (mas like Christmas) is a county and a city.

  6. Does Antifa do photo shoots with the tourists? I want to look hardcore to my communist friends back home.

  7. The reason why Portland is so great is because you can literally go to the bathroom anywhere you want.

  8. Note from an Oregonian – some of these are not necessarily in Portland. These are placed in Oregon 🌲

  9. As someone who lives here let me start off by saying, Pine St Biscuits is one of the MOST overrated places you named. NOT worth the line/time. PLENTY of other places in PDX to get good biscuits/chicken. Second, mentioning Voodoo donuts is about as cliche as you can get. They are NOT delicious, it's all just a show. Pips Donuts is the hands down, quintessential donut destination for ALL of PDX.

  10. it may have a lot of beer but do further down I-5 see all the homeless camps and the garbage is outrageous i was there 3 different times and nothing had changed

  11. I have lived in the Portland metro for almost 40 years and I will not go Portland again if I don’t have to . It’s too corrupt you are not safe 78 year old man was brutally honest people are being hurt and the politicians are not doing anything

  12. I am just here to see the liberals get livid when someone says something about their beloved cesspool of violence and drugs. The only time anyone is diverse up there is when you agree with them 100%.

  13. I find it a nice place to riot, vandal and loot. Take out a bit of frustration on police or if you're not quite tough enough for that, just pick on some locals and terrorize some small business owners.

    I live 15 minutes from Portland and I'll tell you now it's the worst place to vacation lol

    Outside of Portland, Eugene and Salem there are some good spots however.

  14. You know.. this guys face is recognizable on one of the rioting videos of Portland where they broke into stores and burned buildings..

  15. Last place in the world I'd ever want to visit, for vacation or otherwise. Live in the filth you've created Democrats.

  16. I think the title should be ' Oregon: Cool Things To Do. ' like bro- do you think portland is the entire state because you named several places outside of Portland. SMH im disappointed in this list.

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