Portland Oregon DownTown 7/1/21

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  1. That old house is "Raven & Rose Tavern" but probably has more history than that. If they helped the homeless they would need to take a pay cut and that is not happening.

  2. I make like a tree and leaf from Portland in 2004. I live in Dumaguete City, Philippines now. I graduated from PCC Sylvania in 1988, I don't have any reason to return to Portland now.

  3. That is SO SAD ! I never imagined Portland looking SO bad. ALL those tents reminds me of down town San Diego ! Thanks for the tour. 👍

  4. Went to Old Town last week with my fiancee only for Voodoo Doughnuts, Waterfront Park with bridges and neon sign and Powell's Bookstore for the road trip. To tell you the truth…Its like a maze and couldn't tell if it's a good area or bad area to walk on sidewalks, they made sudden outbursts in front of crowds & tourists and asked people for money. It's strange because I been to Portland couple times over the years its eventful, but last time it really ruined it…it's nothing like that Portlandia show. 😔

  5. I’ve been out here several times. The memory that sticks out in my mind the most was when I went to a grilled cheese stand that had a bus with tables inside of it….. and I almost hit my fuckin head when I was entering it.

  6. They pushing the homeless under bridges across the river. Like 82ed and power or NE in the poor area. There hole lots homeless you don't see. That Portland building was boreded up for about four years for remodeling the in side.the tall one with the blue. I see the city parks steal have homeless camping in them. It was like that two years ago.

  7. I was born and raised there, 62 years. 35 as a city cop, you were driving thru my old district. This kinda shit would have never been tolerated in years past, we didn't allow it. Portland started changing drastically in the late 90s with the "Keep Portland Weird" movement and especially that disgusting show 'Portlandia'. Crazies from all over the world descended and stayed to build their utopia. They got it. Now they have so much momentum and more anarchists are being bred w/ impunity. The city has lost its soul, its conscience and its discipline. Not to mention Law Enforcement being gutted and D.A.s office neutered by liberal nut jobs. We felt it coming and fled to small town Arizona. I won't even go back to visit anymore, Its easier to buy my kids airline tix so they can come relax and hang by the pool. So sad. All the beautiful west coast cities are being destroyed by liberal democrat marxists.

  8. In fairness Portland looks way better than it did in the videos I watched a few months ago. It at least seems to have started improving back to normal but they really need to get those homeless into housing and clean up the streets

  9. Yeah, I call it "simulated virtue". They'll stand on high, shout and wag their finger at everybody else all while standing on a mountain of homeless. It's incongruous.

  10. If rent wasn't so high we all would have a house not all of us are not durgies or steal shit there are good people that are homeless I lived in my van for two months in Eugene Oregon to get on a waiting list for housing but no call back I'm in Wisconsin to spend time with my kids for the summer and heading back I'm sure I won't get a call back because it's a housing problem …

  11. It's a coffee truck that drives around. They stop across from the post office by the college and by pioneer square.

  12. Head on a swivel, good job!
    It's mostly bad news in Portland.
    The locals are dumbed down and they vote for morons.

  13. Hey Jeb when you were in San Diego world they have the tent city’s going on in Ca? I’m up in Seattle and it’s about 50% of what Portland looks like ?

  14. We have lived in Portland for nearly 40 years. Stupid voters elected stupid mayor, DA, Hardesty, and of course a stupid governor. We no longer go downtown and would never put children in Portland schools. Portland is now a dangerous lawless place. A real shame because it used to be a beautiful city.

  15. That little bit of boarded up windows and tents are nothing compared to what is coming… Tents may seem disgusting to you, but our standard of living is a death sentence for this planet and everything on it…I realize you don't understand this fact yet, but you will, eventually… Technology has become our newest god, but, it;s just another false god, in a long list… The damage our technology has created is mind numbing, it is destroying the earth's systems that allow for life to exist, as well as the 6th mass extinction event…And I design and install solar systems and build and install computer systems.. So I'm no luddite, just aware of reality, which is somewhat rare these days..Our civilization is in the process of collapse as well as the environment…Every human civilization to ever exist has crashed and burned in cascading collapse…The great pattern recognizing species refuses to acknowledge and deal with that pattern… Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, trillions of greedy, exploitive, ignorant, self destructive actions have existential, exponential, apocalyptic reactions…There is no such thing as a civilization based on greed, exploitation, hubris, ignorance, propaganda that will ever address the consequences of greed, exploitation, hubris, ignorance, propaganda.. It's our human history and is well documented…This is the decade that our collapsing world will become impossible to deny….

  16. That’s an old Citroën H Van, produced from 1947 till 1989. Very unitary body with a flat floor makes from many uses.

  17. Portland happens when socialists use moralism to take power, then those in power steal everything and encourage "just lay down" (chinese proverb) attitude = Give UP!! A nation is built on people who DON'T lie down, and who GIVE a shiiiitee. Yes some of those have mental issues, ie drug addiction … but everyone has to be strong and say "NO"

  18. Any thoughts of converting your wagon into a weekend stealth camper? Bed platform, slide out kitchen, recreational battery, curtain and blackout inserts, gas cooker, high insulation esky and you are rolling.

  19. Yet apparently our biggest threat of domestic terrorism / political violence is from centre right patriots who are all one step from being white supremacists??? What a mindjob.

  20. Your confused because such a tolerant progressive city is full of homeless??
    Homeless travel to Portland from all over the country to take advantage of the liberal tolerant attitude toward homeless.
    Do bike around Boston or Miami or Dallas. No tents. It's not allowed.
    But Portland encourages it, so like a moth to a flame, they flock to Portland to be homeless! Bonus, no police!

  21. Are you sure you want to move back to Portland, I know you dad and mom are there, but it looks like a real shit hole….

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