Portland, Oregon GenAm Accent (Female) Accentbase File #148

Hi, please help with this project. The idea is to map the accents of the English speaking world. Just read out the script below on a video or sound file in a strong natural accent. The files will be used to create a database, educational tool for visitors, and who knows, in the future all those voice activated apps and products might actually understand you when you talk to them. Please help, you’ll be promoting business in your region and be part of creating a use for the web that has never been realised before.

“Hello and welcome to the Accentbase hub. I’m talking to you today to help you understand my local accent. I’m proud to come from City/Region* and the city/area* welcomes tourists and visitors of every kind from everywhere, near and far. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you’re not sure you understood this clearly, please listen to every word again. Thank you for listening.”
*Put the name of your city or region into the script, and use city, town, village or area, whichever you feel is most suitable.
Vowels: Ship sheep put you ten letter girl saw cat sun car hot hear name poor toy no where my how Consonants: Pot bed tap door chair jam come gum four very think the son zoo she vision man nose angry happy late red want yes
(NB the script has changed slightly from the one on the above video. This is correct.) Please submit a sound or video file to accentbase.com and help map the human world in sound. Read the following script to create your video or sound file, then upload it to the following link. it all takes ten minutes max.
Accent Challenge:
Can you find a better accent than this? Send your files to…