1. Most of us pronounce it “Will-Am-it” but some Oregonians call it other weirder stuff so you’re good hahahaha.

  2. If this guy isn't from Portland and doesn't know anything about it, then he shouldn't be giving a map tour of it. I knew he was a fake the second he mispronounced Willamette. The Jefferson Street Depot is now Union Station. He doesn't seem to know the city at all. Great map though. But I'm not sure why this guy is the one to talk about it.

  3. What are the dimensions of this map? Like how big is it? Length and Heights or width? However you want to call it. I'm interested in buying

  4. did you know that this Portland was named after the Portland that is in the state of Victoria in Australia in which I live in and it was the very first settlement of Victoria!!

  5. I would have bought a copy of the map, but it looks like the whole border and legend is chopped off. lol, no thanks.

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