1. Keep in mind, for all you people saying this looks safe, a ghetto or hood does not have to be abandoned or have falling apart houses

  2. I'm gonna be honest there really isn't anything in Portland that you can consider a hood but it still looks bad

  3. What civilized society makes people live in tents (3:12) or motorhomes on the streets!?

    The only developed country that you see this in, is the USA.

    What kind of President would allow this!?

  4. portland ain't bad anymore. in the 80s/90s it looked like chicago in some areas. the north/northeast got gentrified and everyone got pushed to SE. Fuckin shit hole over there. St johns was bad when i was growing up now its a lovely area. I still keep it on me though. The 2 times i've been shot were both in portland hanging in Peninsula Park. Bloods thought I was rollin 60s. That park stayed getting shot up. now it's a nice park

  5. I'm sure Portland has it's bad spots but all I can picture is gangs there fighting with dildo swords on top of gallivant pegicorns

  6. Not withstanding San Francisco, but if there ever was a town that has "Totally gone to the dogs!" – THIS one is IT!

  7. Portland doesn't really have hoods. In the 90's, Unthank Park/Kerby Squares and MLK were considered hood but all those areas have been gentrified. The places captured in this video are not hood. Portland's just has a problem with homelessness, similar to San Francisco, so there's more homeless camps throughout the city and they haven't found a solution which makes the city look hood but it's not. Rockwood is more hood but that's located in Gresham…not Portland.

  8. Showing the “hood” driving around neighborhoods with median home prices in the $500-700K range 😂

    The most amazing part is the people in the comments from parts of the country that are actually dangerous, laughing at the mundane video that was done to show how “bad” Portland is

  9. I remember a time that wasn't really that long ago when Portland was a beautiful city and a enjoyable place to go to on the weekend nights to have fun. The place is a living shit hole and the city and state leaders ain't doing jack about it except running it deeper into the ground. No wonder why people are moving out.

  10. NE Portland has legit hoods. I remember there was two shootings back to back in the same area and nothing ever got solved. When you get closer to south Washington state it gets even rougher.

  11. Please people stop moving to Portland. You make rent go up, shit hole houses selling for $400,000+, traffic is HORRIBLE. Portland is not portlandia. Go back to California

  12. I will never (and I don't ever want to) "understand" graffiti on buildings. That brings it all down immediately.

  13. It's kinda sad when the homeless shelters in old town are really nice in comparison. The crackhead arguing in 7/11 in Troutdale or something is the guy making a good living shipping your milk to Safeway. Meanwhile, a bum in old town is on an I-phone eating $17 almond butter.

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