Portland Oregon in 4k HD

This video shows aireal shots of Portland Oregon in 4k HD shot with a DJI Phantom 3.

Filmed by: Michael Kerkering (@michaelkerkering3) & Ryan Spaulding (@Ryanspaulding24)
Edited by: Michael Kerkering
MUSIC: Deebio – De’amour
Location: Portland, Oregon



  1. With so many ugly food carts almost in every block, the overwhelming homeless population and the stinking urine/poo odors from the homeless and the dogs, the once beautiful Portland now has become a shanty town, a dump. What a sad outcome if you have a lousy municipal city administration and brain-dead retarded mayor. Portland is deteriorating so rapidly into a shameful place. Aireal shots of Portland won't show you the ugliness of what Portland had become.

  2. I have a mixed opinion & mixed emotions about Portland but this video really helped me to appreciate Portland much more than before. Great Job in filming & the music was incredible!

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