Portland Oregon on the 2019 Honda CB500X | Oregon Motorcycle 2020

Taking a stroll through beautiful down town Portland Oregon on a sunny Tuesday morning in August of 2020 on my 2019 Honda CB500X.

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My gear…
Goggles –
Metal GoPro Mount –
GoPro 8 battery cover –
3.5mm cable –
Waterproof socks –
Brake/clutch levers –
Camping stove –
Ultra lightweight tent –
Led Aux. lights –
Radiator guard –
Air compressor –
Tire plug kit –
USB charger –
Hand guards –
Heated grips –
Com system –
Camera –
Backpack/luggage –
Folding shovel –
Drone –
Phone holder –

Oregon Motorcycle
P.O. Box 166
Oregon City, OR. 97045


Filmed on my GoPro Hero 5.


  1. Town looks empty. Was it a Sunday?
    So does police still pulling over cars and bikes for some minor traffic violations or they left you alone?

  2. idle curiosity, but why is it that every video featuring a ram phone mount does not actually contain a phone? Wouldn't it be better advertising to show it being used as intended/advertised, or did the phone already fall out pre/mid-video?

  3. Wow. Haven't seen downtown Portland in a very. very long time. I remember Pioneer square. Use to hang out there all the time when I was a teenager. We'd sneak onto the max and try to ride it beyond the free zones lol. It doesn't look like a ton of stuff has changed minus the vandalism.

  4. Have you heard of DIY EL wire to illuminate your helmet at night? If so maybe do a video on that! I haven’t seen a lot of them and you’ll stick out even more at night. 😁 They have a reddit post for the info.

  5. I'm trying to get my endorsement through Team Oregon. My question is, am I allowed to get my motorcycle permit, and get my endorsement afterward while having a valid permit?

  6. Smart move staying away from touchy subjects like politics. We're all here to watch you ride and I'm sure your audience are from all walks of life with different opinions. Keep on doing what you're doing, it's working out for you. Cheers

  7. Thank u for the content bro. I loved this cb500x and was planing to buy one, but the KTM390 stole my heart. My only concern is his single cylinder in highway. Can you do some kind of video comparing both bikes? Thanks for everything!

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