Portland Oregon September 14 2020 on the 2019 Honda CB500X | Oregon Motorcycle 2020 #portland

Portland looks like a third world country right now and its a shame. I really like this city and now most all the business’s are closed and its over run with drugs and homelessness. What a shame. Time for some better leadership.

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My gear…
My gloves –
Starbucks Instant Coffee –
Slip On #2 –
New USB Charger –
Goggles –
Metal GoPro Mount –
GoPro 8 battery cover –
3.5mm cable –
Waterproof socks –
Brake/clutch levers –
Camping stove –
Ultra lightweight tent –
Led Aux. lights –
Radiator guard –
Air compressor –
Tire plug kit –
Hand guards –
Heated grips –
Com system –
Camera –
Backpack/luggage –
Folding shovel –
Drone –
Phone holder –

Oregon Motorcycle
P.O. Box 166
Oregon City, OR. 97045


Filmed on my GoPro Hero 5 and 8.


  1. I was evacuated because of the fire and at one point the fire covered the sun so it was almost pitch black my house is fine but the fire got around one mile from my house

  2. Portland is a filthy nasty place with filthy nasty people. People are actually scared to act normal. My friend says you can’t say anything to anybody for fear of being verbally harassed.

  3. Bike sounds awesome, and looks like a blast cruising around the city. So sad to see this once awesome city brought to it's knees. Here is hoping for brighter days ahead for this beautiful state and city. Cheers from Florida!

  4. Planning to move to Portland ion October & will be learning to ride a motorcycle
    I hope it will be a Amazing experience despite all the goings on in the last few months.

  5. Central CA daily CB500X rider here. I feel your pain. I haven't clearly seen the sun in 2 months. Our air quality right here is under 200, but worse in other parts of the state. Hang in there and get ready for the mud slides.

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