1. That's a great video! I was going to do the same, before Portland completely phases out all of their older fleet. The bus in the beginning of the video is one of my favorite older buses in Portland, Or. I wish they would never phase buses out, like they do in my Home Country, we Have latest and greatest buses running around, as well as buses from 1960', '70's, '80's, '90's, 2000's till latest, newest ones. Older buses bring back great memories, as much as making our city more versatile looking, from all the different variations of buildings, vehicles, etc… Here in United States, everything just have to be standardized and latest and newest. Makes thing not as interesting as things back at my Home Country were I was born.

  2. More and more Flxible Metros (and the 1990-91 Gillig Phantoms) will be heading for the scrap heap as the first three of TriMet's new 3200 (and 3300) series buses have just left the Gillig factory last week and will be seen working the streets of Portland in less than a month from now. Why? TriMet just released a video about where their retired buses go.

    Sad to say this about the Flxibles, but it's true.

  3. All of the 1994 Flxible Metro buses (1817-1843) are now retired.

    Presently, Merlo Road is getting 25 of the 70 new Gillig BRT buses (3146-3170), while Center Street has the first 45 (3101-3145).

  4. Do buses in Portland use a similar pay system to Seattle's Orca Card? Just want to know if there is a refillable bus card like we have up here in Seattle. I want to move to Portland so I want to know if busing there is easier or harder than Seattle. Thanks!

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