Portland, Oregon – Update & What to Do! 2021

🌇 Keep Portland Weird!

🎄 Is what they like to say, but there are actually so many fabulous things about Portland and Oregon!

📺 Watch the video to find out what makes Portland and Oregon so unique.

🏔 You will also find a lot of fun things to do when you visit.. not only In Portland, but the surrounding areas.

🌸 Spring and summer are perfect seasons to come and check it out!

🍕 Regarding regulations, check before you stopover, because it’s changing a lot. As of now, a lower percentage can eat indoors and outdoors as well.

🦋 The last year was rough on downtown Portland… but the strength of the people and remaining restaurants and businesses is shining through and they are determined to have a comeback – help make that happen!

🌷 See you there!

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  1. Thanks for a beautiful video of a beautiful city and state. Like you said it has been a rough year for downtown Portland but it's getting cleaned up and opened up. Can't keep a good city down. 🍻

  2. You realise the looting, burning, destruction, homelessness and gun violence will eventually spread to your neighbourhood, right? Oh, but it's not a problem at the moment because it's on the other side of the city. LOL. Flee Oregon as fast as possible!

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