Portland, Oregon | what to eat, see & do

We spent a week back in Portland. As Oregon Natives, we love to return home and visit all our favorite spots. If you like this video make sure to check out our other travel guides and tutorials and don’t forget to subscribe!
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Iz Harris is a full-time writer and filmmaker focused on sharing stories about the beautiful & the hard. For the past four years, she, her husband, and two kids have traveled the globe and have shared their adventures. In addition to traveling the globe, Iz is an outspoken advocate for human rights and mental health awareness. She pulls from her own life experience as a mother of a child with special needs and advocates for a kinder, more accepting world.

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  1. I came to see your channel by curiosity to know if John Harris is married. He is a such fabulous video creator and editor.I just liked all his content except some.But after bumping accidentally on your channel.It has just become one of my favourite YouTube channel.All the best keep creating.

  2. King Books > Powell's IMO, if you're ever in Detroit. Much more unique experience and truly feels like you're hunting for something. Great place to get lost for a few hours in the stacks

  3. First watched this video two years ago before I visited Oregon for the first time and that visit made me fall in love with it so much that I’m planning a move there within the next two years 😭

  4. OMG Genie's is AMAZING! Good call. Farmer's Market, Mt Hood, International Rose Garden, Powell's…you hit some of the best of Portland. Next trip, you have to try Rocket Breakfast on East Sandy Blvd.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE POWELL'S BOOK STORE! When I lived there, I would plan an ENTIER DAY going to Powell's. Made me kind of homesick. 18 yrs ago, they had coffee trucks on almost every corner. Now they have food trucks. My mouth is watering. Did you go to the CHOCOLATE FACTORY? it is on the way up to Mt Hood right after you pass Sandy. If you go in July, Sandy Mt Festival is AWESOME. I lived in Brightwood and during the Sandy Mt Festival, they had SLUG RACES! There are HOT SPRINGS ALL AROUND PORTLAND TOO. Damn, so home sick right now.

  6. You need to add Sugar Street Bakery and Bistro on this list. Honestly the cupcakes are ridiculously DELICOUS and they are named after Portland streets…. Naito, Pettygrove, Alberta, etc. This place is so popular but still a lot of non locals have no idea about it!

  7. This will be odd after two years of this video, but even though this wasn't supposed to be a super emotional one, I broke into tears. Hormons maybe. The thing is I'm from México and after graduating from school I spend the whole summer in Portland. This video just brought back all the nice memories I have from there. Thanks Iz!! Lovely content! <3

  8. Glad I saw this. I'll be going to Portland soon for the geocaching and there is so much more to do that I had no idea about.

  9. Your color grades are incredibly interesting to see, what with all the teal and orange desaturated look. very distinctively yours 🙂

  10. You look to me kind parents warm mom & I like your family time and I like how u are can travel around and take care of ur kids and enjoying the life 👍🏻.

  11. Obviously dated. The Portland that I loved died this year. If the purpose of your trip is to get utterly depressed, than Portland us your place. Otherwise, choose another destination.

  12. This reminds me of my childhood when I lived in Portland. The Farmer's Market, the surrounding nature, the breakfast was a great highlight (I wonder if that's why I love to cook and eat breakfast so much?). The music used was what I listened to in high school when I lived on the Vancouver side, just pure nostalgia. It's sad to see how Portland has changed – gotten more expensive, more homeless people, social program issues……. I would love if there was a way to go back to 90's – 2000's Portland….. with the tech companies coming in because it's cheaper than San Francisco and Seattle just changed the area. I know family who are looking to move central Oregon because of this issue. I am glad I got to see and experience the best of Portland in my life though, was truly a unique and special place that felt like home.

  13. Don't go downtown. Unless you want fecal matter. Graffiti. Protests and hatred to anyone who flys the 🇺🇸.. pick another city to visit.

  14. eat edible pot at one of portlands 1000s of dispenserys! or eat with millions of homeless! see homeless tent city sites!! portlands trash filled poluuted streets tour! get murdered by cops! cant wait to visit americas toilet bowl!

  15. Thank you for this beautiful look at an old home of mine! I think it's the only US city I've enjoyed living in, there's just such a different vibe to Portland. As someone who grew up outside North America it just feels so much more normal!

  16. Looking at this as a part of Portland is now occurred by Federal law enforcement. Thanks for this video which widens my view of this lovely place. Hope to visit sometime.

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