Portland, Oregon

(Note: this is a clip of a longer film titled “Portland, Oregon / Minneapolis, Minnesota / New Orleans, Louisiana,” which is available in the National Archives Catalog:

Title: Portland, Oregon / Minneapolis, Minnesota / New Orleans, Louisiana

Creator(s): Ford Motor Company. (Most Recent)
Series: Motion Picture Films Relating to the Ford Motor Company, the Henry Ford Family, Noted Personalities, Industry, and Numerous Americana and Other Subjects, ca. 1903 – ca. 1954
Collection: Ford Motor Company Collection, ca. 1903 – ca. 1954

Production Date: 1918

Scope and Content:
The original catalog description provided by the Ford Motor Company reads as follows:
a. “Washington Street, the main business artery of Portland.”
Streetcar, pedestrian traffic, in business district – theater marker with sign, ‘June Caprice, A Small Town Girl.’
Building, sign, ‘Baker Theater’ – automobile traffic and Hotel Benson.
“Multnomah Athletic Club. Cornerstone laid by Theodore Roosevelt, April 5, 1911.”

“The State of Oregon is dry — very dry. Note with what speed Portlanders approach the drinking fountain.”
Accelerated action of pedestrian, automobile traffic.
“Lift bridge of the Southern Pacific Railway.”
River vessel passes under bridge, lift is lowered for locomotive.
“Portland is a city of fine homes.”
Residential area.
“Scenes in Washington Park. The entrance to the park.”
“Monument erected to commemorate the expedition of Lewis and Clark, who in 1804 explored the region from St. Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River.”
“Monument to Sacajawea…”
“Statue representing the ‘Coming of the White Man.’”
“Like all well trained bears and Portland bears like peanuts.”
Boys throw peanuts to bear in cage (action in cage accelerated) – public buildings.
“U.S. Custom House.”
“Oregon state Capitol building and grounds at Salem, Oregon.”
“The Arlington Club.”
“The Public Market.”
Sidewalk stalls and shoppers.
“Portland Harbor extends from many miles along the Willamette…”
River front and dock facilities.
“Monument erected by the citizens of Portland in memory of the dead of the 2nd Oregon Infantry who fell in the Spanish War.”
Monument – large public building.
“Portland, known as the Rose City, has chosen the rose as an emblem of civic pride. Each year the Rose Carnival is celebrated with great enthusiasm.”
Parade including U.S. Soldiers, flower decorated automobiles and floats, a riding club, and band.
(Caption repeated.)
Sign, ‘Ford the Universal Car. The First to Government Camp, Mt. Hood, June 13, 1917’ – Ford on back of truck – flag decorated buildings – floats, band, decorated fire truck. [1918]

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Local Identifier: FC-FC-18
National Archives Identifier: 7413589

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