Portland Oregon's Public Transportation – A Short Guide

Have you wondered what the Portland Public Transportation is like? Maybe you plan on using it in the near future? In this video, I cover a quick overview of Portland’s transportation options.

✈️ Are you thinking about moving or relocating to Portland Oregon? You are not alone! One of my favorite things is to be able to help people just like you make that transition. I know it can be hard moving from out of state, but I promise you it will be worth it! Portland Oregon and the surrounding area is wonderful and you will love it here!

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Here is some useful information on Portland


  1. TIL the cable cars from cities skylines aren't as ridiculous as I thought. This is an excellent source of information. As a cyclist who is interested in moving to Portland in the near future, could you elaborate on how well the TriMet system meshes with cycling? Do they allow you to take your bikes in the busses, or are they relegated to a rack on the front?

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