Pros and Cons of Living in Portland Oregon 2021 [THINGS HAVE CHANGED]

Pros and Cons of Living in Portland Oregon 2021 [THINGS HAVE CHANGED] – Are you thinking of moving to or living in portland oregon and wondering how things have changed and what the true pros and cons are here?

Before moving to portland oregon you are probably wondering since it is so beautliful there what are the true cons of living in portland oregon? Well in this video we go into depth on those very pros and cons of Portland oregon!

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  1. Wow, not reality on this video, check out the State of Oregon Tax structure and rates, it among the highest in the nation, and in Portland (Multnomah County) is more than the rest of the state. Rain, yes its heavy and darkness and many weeks, days with no sunshine at all. I have lived here all my life and am ready to leave. Its expensive here for what you get, and retiring here is a no go for most all natives here. Theres better places, states for "bang for the buck" than this. Downtown, central city areas of Portland are very dirty, roads are in very bad repair, and traffic among the worst nationally. Schools are weak and poor here, especially in Portland. We fund schools more than most states, and still don't get good results, Property taxes here among the highest in the nation.
    His videos is silent to most all of what I have mentioned.

  2. If you leave a negative comment about the governing of Portland FB deletes it.

  3. Hmm, a realtors perspective….I would say is is right when stating that Portland is a beautiful city. If wanting to move here and have a family vs. single, I would look in Beaverton, Hillsboro, Forest Grove for something cheaper, but still very nice. I would stay away from eastside portland. Expensive. As he is saying, your tech sector people are more out in the west of portland (beaverton, hillsboro, forest grove). Traveling from East Portland/Portland to West is aweful. I have friends that live out in West Moreland, East side anywere and commute can be 1 hour MIN. Living here for 20 years and during COVID, riots, trash, homeless, TED WHEELER! For now, Downtown is dead to me…..and I loved going there every weekend. I can't wait until all is good again and TED WHEELER figures it out. Downtown is the magnet of things to do and with it basically closed, there is NOTHING to do…plays, bands, not safe to walk around at night….and the list goes on. When COVID, riots, and Portland gets control of the homless situation again….it's a beautiful city. Just not right now….Now the cities I was talking abou earlier? Not much is changeed and it's very rural america. Love it. As he was saying, the food IS amazing for sure. Skiing and hiking are amazing around here.

  4. Seems like a nice guy, but is not a Portland person, doesn't seem to really know the city. He's pretty off on a lot of things. It's a city that's eaten itself. Search "move to Phoenix" and he has all the same videos, all recent. I don't think he really actually lives here. Which is fine, but his description of PDX and the people is just not accurate.

  5. Im looking to move to Portland from Las Vegas, I hate the heat and desert and theres nothing here for me. I need nature, rain and cold. Im excited, Oregon is an amazing state with so much green. The rent price is almost the same as Vegas as well. I am happy with my choice.

  6. Portland is a dream compared to NYC and LA. Iโ€™m never leaving. The only people leaving seem to be locals who preferred how Portland used to be, which is valid. It was a smaller place back then, now it feels more like a nice alternative to a major city.

  7. I live in the war in Chiraq (Chicago) and I want to move to Portland to smoke cheap good weed and be thousands of miles away from the bullshit in my city

  8. There are no pro's…. it is filthy, violent, disgusting, filled with graffiti, streets littered with used needles and human waste. Disgusting. Nothing about Portland is good.

  9. I want to move to Portland so bad only because they have a Spaulding deacon there and with all the overdoses and gang violence I would never be out of work.

  10. Don't like portland what portland has become? Get together as a community to help clean up the city and work diligently with officials to make the change you want to see. Every time we are there my family spend a little time cleaning up areas in North portlant(out community). Plenty of people still love portland and don't want to see it destroyed. Don't just complain. Do something about it.

  11. Dig all those drivers in their cars, going around with their cameras to make Youtube videos, and doing voiceovers like "The pedestrians took away my streets! The homeless ruined my property! The scapegoats fucked up my beloved city!" Fortunate enough to still have a car, but not fortunate enough to not be the victim of everyone who is less fortunate. Typical White Portlanders.

  12. I just want out of Iowa and the pacific northwest is calling me. As a truck driver I can drive anywhere.

  13. Mark my word. Portland Oregon is going to rise from the ashes of Marxism and this Democrat communist takeover that will be thwarted and quelled. What is coming, very few people canโ€™t see. This is a battle for the central banking system of the world and taking down of the 13 Phoenician families that basically enslaved the world. We never had capitalism, we had enslavement to debt. Biden and company will be gone soon and you know who will be back. he will be back as the exchequer of the entire world financial system. Can you say NESARA?

  14. Be warnedโ€” California toilets flush into Portland, bringing their voters. We escaped after 60 years and couldnโ€™t be happier.

  15. The Realtor speaker in this video lacks knowledge. I lived there for 60 years and watched Portland become a total disaster. Donโ€™t move there.

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