Pros and Cons of Living in Portland Oregon [After 3 Years Living Here]

Pros and Cons of Living in Portland Oregon. Well I have now lived in Portland Oregon for just about 3 years now and have seen my fair share of pros and cons.

I wanted to do an updated version of exactly what you may see or encounter, what it is was like moving to Portland Oregon and my honest pros and cons of living in portland oregon!

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  1. Thanks for the tips and the perspective! I’m curious, I’ve been researching Portland. How is the cultural diversity in Portland? Is there racism/ prejudice? What are the culturally diverse areas?

  2. Vote Conservatives into Office if you don't like the crimes, riots, and homeless problems in Portland. This is not about being democrat or republican. This is for the health of Portland

  3. Honestly, there's gonna be homeless people in any city you move to. You get used to it, most of them don't want any trouble, and of course there will always be a few strange ones but that's just what comes with living in a more populated area.

  4. When I visited Portland along burnside and the Willamette waterfront , yeah I saw homeless. I gave one girl food and one person tried selling me a map or something. Only one was shouting something but I blame that on how this country deals with mental health among other things. We have a lot of homeless in Austin and it's increasing as the tech companies keep moving in. Portland is our sister city after all. And they're both not hyper liberal despite what people wanna say. I plan on moving from ATX to PDX this summer. Too hot and I come from small town Louisiana lol

  5. I can agree wjth the top 2 cons, but as someone who lived in Parkrose for 7 years, here are my top 5 cons.

    5. Political unrest
    4. I heard Shootings less than 1/4 mile in diameter at least 4 times a week.
    3. Drivers and traffic (1/2 portland drivers drive illegally/ they cant drive in rain/snow or even in august)
    2. Homelessness some will stab you or kill you. They are literally everywhere, despite what dude says. At least in my area
    1. Leadership/lawmakers we have 5 clowns running this shithole in an obsolete system that the rest of the country dumped kong ago.

  6. Aside from the housing being outrageous what about a full-time RV living individual spending 50% of the time at campgrounds and the other 50% boondocking. Tell me your thoughts on this please? Is that a realistic possibility if so desired?

  7. In another video, your buddy talks about gentrification in a positive light…and you're surprised by homelessness?
    Glad you're able to 'live life to the fullest' while completely ignoring social issues 🀷

  8. I'm just putting it out there, you've been lucky with the homeless. Me and my friends had a homeless dude flash a gun at us on the max train. He wasn't violent, just showing it off, but still

  9. Exciting being in the big city?
    Afraid this is one of your critics.
    How do you know more than the people from the old families who came here on the wagon trains and who are still half of the population of the state.
    You don't say much about the radical left conspiracy, or the lack of industries.
    We don't believe that you know much about anything that really matters here.

  10. Nice break down but I feel you could be more blunt about the unrest in the Pacific Northwest on the social levels. But we need more positive videos about the PNW. I liked this.

    Horrible dating scene in Portland though. So take my word for it don't move here single, especially guys. And ladies you'll have to go through wave after wave of beta "introvert" milk toast white boys and Asians before you find a guy that actually turns you on. And odds are he's being shared because all the other women want him.

  11. I appreciate how informative your videos are about Portland! I also know you’re trying to reach a wide audience. But I have to say I’m disappointed by the comments you made on the political climate. It doesn’t show awareness about what it might feel like to be Black in Portland, both in the city and surrounding suburbs. There was a racist attack on the Max that resulted in 2 deaths in 2017. Lake Oswego is called Lake No Negro by a lot of people, and the school district is infamously struggling with creating a safe environment for their students who get called n*** 5-20 times a day, get notes with that word left on their locker, and the fact that even the LO police chief was called the n*** word and role he didn’t belong and didn’t look he was educated even in his fancy car and Stanford University sweatshirt (he’s an alumni). You can even clearly see men holding up Nazi salutes at the LO Trump rally in 2017. This is a major con to Portland and makes me very nervous about relocating them since I’m mixed black and Latina. One of the Clackamas County Councilors just received credible death threats when she informed the public that according to the FBI, the rumor that the fires were started by Antifa was completely unfounded. There is a well known β€œwall of moms” that shows up at the protests. It’s simply incorrect to assert that protests are just made up of antifa, they are overwhelmingly made up of folks wanting to peacefully take part in their constitutional right to stand against racism. I highly recommend you search on YouTube for the film Lake No Negro to learn more. You can also note that the Southern Poverty Law Center determined that Oregon has a disproportionate number of hate groups relative to its population. Portland (and Oregon in general) should be a safe place for all people. Anything less than that is clear con unless racism (and some of it even directed at children) doesn’t bother you. I suggest you take the time to do a quick google search on racism in LO, Portland and Oregon.

  12. You're nice and enthusiastic, but you even try to make your cons positive. Interesting. And you've only lived here for 2.5 years I'm not sure what expertise you have. I guess if you are trying to convince someone to buy here that makes sense. We've been here 5 years and would tell friends and family our thoughts, but publicly no. This is very swayed.

  13. I used to live in Portland and Corvallis in the late 80s then moved to Ca due to marriage. Next month I'll be moving back to Oregon by Beaverton ❀❀❀ and I am so excited and happy to go back to the rain, greens, and 4 seasons. The sun in Ca has become jaded to me.

  14. I really appreciate you’re guys videos! I’m 24 & currently down in Vegas but originally form Beaverton. Moving early next year to finish at PSU , and couldn’t be more excited!! These videos have been really helpful! Any advice on most affordable apartments (Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard?) also do you guys need a videographer! YouTube or Real Estate thanks πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’•

  15. Thanks for your informational videos it had a influence on my big move out here I’ve now been here 11 months and it’s amazing. The showers they have here are no big deal it dose get a little cold here in the winter but only a month or so. like low 30’s not like other states. Weather is pretty mild and many more plus’s living here.

  16. Appreciate the honest perspective here. Been living in Portland for just over a year now. Like you mentioned, there's lots of pros and cons (like everywhere else), but you create your own reality by choosing what kind of activities you engage in.

  17. Coming from LA and when I am asked about the homeless issue compare to LA. The best way I can describe it is that the homeless issue in LA are mostly people who need mental services and since those services are not available in LA you deal with a lot of homeless people who need medical attention and mental health services.
    The homeless in Portland seem to not have many that need mental health services so you wont have many issues .

  18. I've lived here all my life, 19 years of moving closer each year West or South of Portland (Clackamas, West Linn, Lake Oswego etc.) and I'd say the worst is:

    -Rain (yes, it's green year round but we also are very sad for long periods of time due to it being cloudy or Grey 9 months of the year)

    -Bums (typical for blue areas and cities generally but it's getting exponentially worse each year due to our coding laws and how real estate works with it all)

    Everything else was perfectly said.

    Personally I know (and plan, personally) move out of state to a much warmer setting or even opposite side of our great beaver state. People, recall, Portland is not ALL of Oregon, neither is the western side of the Cascades. Go, explore untouched parts of NE Oregon, the coast, Central Oregon, and even the Southern blob.

    Broaden your view, love this state for what it is and let's make sure we keep it that way…GREEN.

    Take care stranger's,


  19. I was sad because it was a week between videos but getting these extended personal experience vidz is totally worth the wait. Love the way you talk off the cuff; the good the bad and the ugly πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  20. I definitely agree that not all of Oregon is liberal. I used to live in Wasco County and they're pretty conservative, you'll see people wearing cowboy hats who enjoy the rodeo and kids were allowed to attend catechism and prey at the public school I went to. I know that necessary shouldn't be associated with conservatism, but if the shoe fits…

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