Pro's and Con's of Living In Portland Oregon

This is the BEST video discussing the Pro’s and Con’s of Living In Portland Oregon. Will you be able to handle the bad when living in Portland Oregon? Find out.

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  1. In this video I talk about 5 great things and 5 negative things about living in Portland Or. Personally I absolutely love living here there are endless things to do and a lot of great people here!

    Thinking of moving here? I am a local Realtor and would love to help you find your dream home. There are so many different sub cities of Portland so if you tell me exactly the lifestyle you want, I will find your perfect area!

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  2. You forgot to mention that Portland is also a big wine producing area. Portland is as noted for its wine (especially Pinot Noir) as it is for its beer.

  3. Antifa totally destroyed the image of Portland. It will never return.. Tell your feckless mayor to do his damn job!

  4. My Favorite part of living in Portland is that I can go to Seattle! Thats what he said! But neither here nor there (litetally!) because he's in Texas now!
    Or is he??

  5. The major problem with people who make video’s about Portland. I have grown up here. Oregon as a whole has a drug problem. Portland especially. Oregon has a major problem with homelessness. But, you didn’t show that in your video did you? I love how you put this false image into people’s head that this is a picture perfect city. It’s not. People will find out when they get here. Of course a real estate agent looking to sell. Portland is over priced. The cost of living is up. The price of rent is out of control. We have a housing crisis in Oregon especially in Portland. I love how you didn’t show all the homeless sleeping on the streets of Portland and all the trash that they leave all over. This is a false narrative. Two years later it’s worse. We have BLM riots downtown nightly. People before you move to Portland, do research. Don’t just take a real state agents word for it. Thumbs down on this video.

  6. Do people typically tip the person that pumps their gas? Also, if you wanted to run inside and get a drink, would you have to wait until your gas is done being pumped and park your car? I’m moving to Oregon soon so I don’t want to be “that person”

  7. When I used to do Uber I had a lot of tourists ask me "What's with all this rain?" That's what this green is from. How stupid can someone be after seeing this green and think it doesn't rain

  8. Antifa runs your city and state that's your biggest problem. Portland is the next Seattle. Heroin needs everywhere. Zombie meth heads. Chicks on Flakka roaming the street like the walking dead. And Antifa overlords to be your police force. Good luck.

  9. I live in New England believe me you only think you have " cold winters " and I absolutely love the fact of very low humidity in the summers there 👍👍👍

  10. I have about $64,296.49 to my name at the moment at age 24 and I was wondering, is that a good amount to have saved up at the age of 24? And would this dollar amount be a good amount if I was going to move to Oregon?

  11. Hey, I'm from the UK and wondering how feasible it would be to live there on my own. How much could I be looking at per month? Baring in mind I will likely be on an entry level job as I have recently graduated University.

  12. If you like buses and trains that smell like ASS , some days DIARRHEA, others PISS, others VOMIT … and on special days … Yep you guessed it … ALL THEE ABOVE !!! ..then PORTLAND'S YOUR TYPA PLACE.

  13. Whose watching in Summer 2020?.. while Portland comes face to face with the degeneracy it’s been inculcating for 20 years solid now.
    Is Portland still the #2 relocation location?
    You forget to mention the insufferable maggots that inhabit that craphole.

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