Rose City Round Up: Classic Car Show 2019 Portland Oregon Pin Ups Rockabilly Bands and More

We visited Rose City Round Up Classic Car Show in Portland Oregon! Rockabilly Bands, Pin Ups, Classic Cars, Vendors and More!


Opening Song:

The Volcanics: The Creature

Song 2: Bloodshot Bill: Hang Ten

All Other Songs Recorded Live At The Event!

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  2. I have just watched a bunch of your awesome classic car videos back to back and subscribed to your channel. Great cars, some interesting looking ladies, wonderful music setting the scene. Brings back memories of my time living in the US back in the early 80's when a friend of mine had a 57 Chevy V8. It was awesome to drive around in it and feel American haha, considering I am Dutch/Australian. Looking forward to watching many more of your unique presentations of great cars. Greetings from the Train Lord in Australia.

  3. Let us see if ya'll have any Studebakers out there..from Elkhart/South Bend,Indiana area..Roller Rockers car club.

  4. I had the uncontrollable urge to yell “CITIZENS ARRAYEST”!! Whilst looking at the biscayne. 🙂

  5. -Nice rides & music. But get those post 1980 cars outta there, they haven't earned the right to be in the same league as these older cars lol.

  6. Another Great Video y'all!!!!! Wish y'all could make some shows down South….but I know that along way for y'all to travel!

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