1. Those were the Good Olde Days…..

    No Antifa rioters stopping traffic, destroying cars with baseball bats before dragging the passengers out by their hair and lighting them on fire.

  2. Go good things and VHS and go good collects and Library's.

    Go safe things. And go A groups. And go good Things.

    Go Smiles and go Fun

  3. Hi

    Stoping by and checking in. Go good things and Technologys.

    Go Smart Things. And go A groups and Desks.
    Go good things and video and machines. And go Smart things

  4. So people were bad drivers 80 years ago too, not surprising, that person making that left in oncoming traffic cut it waaaayyy too close.

  5. Any one notice how similar the driving experience is….every a$$ on the road in portland.left and turns from right hand straight lanes happened even then. Lol

  6. That flashing yellow is a great traffic idea.

    Flashing red, everybody stop.

    Flashing yellow, whatever.

    I haven't been on Sandy for about a year, but those intersections don't look too different today. Except all the colors work on the traffic lights.

  7. Love how fast people are driving in those old relatively unsafe cars. Not like nowadays where everyone is afraid of everything. Shows how fast a person could get around before bike lanes, traffic calmers,and curb extensions, etc.

  8. I drove by there this morning coming back into the Laurelhurst neighborhood where I live. Thanks for sharing 👍

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