Shandong – Portland Oregon – Homemade Noodles

In this episode chef Henry was kind enough to showcase his skills in his famous Portland Oregon restaurant “Shandong”
He takes us through his noodle recipe, he calls it “old school Chinese cooking”
Henry has successfully run Shandong for the past 9 years, keeping customers coming back with his local fresh ingredients, and scratch cooking.
The homemade noodles can stretch as long as 2 feet, so they are served with a pair of scissors to make them easier to eat.
In this video, Henry prepares Judy’s noodles, a dish created from his childhood, filled with memories of eating some of his favorite spicy food
He also cooks the famous “gwai wur” which translates to “strange smell”. All of Henry’s dishes have incredible backstories for how they came to be what they were today, and its easy to see why customers keep coming back time and time again, the food at Shandong, is just absolutely incredible.
Thank you as always for being kind enough to watch these videos, and come along with me on my journey.
And if you are reading this….You are a champion 🙂