Sized Up Episode 2: Portland, Oregon | Chubstr

In the 2nd episode of Sized Up, Chubstr’s Bruce Sturgell and guest Tyler Jacobs explore the plus size men’s clothing scene in Portland, Oregon!

We visit Fat Fancy, where owner Elle Peters talks about creating a welcoming space for plus size people and shares their big men’s clothing selection.

Tyler joins Bruce on a trip to JCPenney to put together a decidedly “Portland” kind of look. Want his outfits? Get them in your size, up to 5X and 60 waist here:

Finally, we get down on some very tasty Portland cuisine.

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Chubstr helps big & tall men find clothes they want to wear in the sizes they need. Get tips, info, and guides for all things related to plus size men’s fashion and lifestyle. From articles and photo shoots featuring plus size male models to original videos and shows, if it’s about being a big guy in today’s society, you’ll find it at Chubstr.

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Sized Up season one is sponsored by JCPenney!


  1. Wooowww congratulations for your channel… Finnaly someone are doing great things for us, the big & tall guys. Unfortunately I'm from Mexico and here we don't have many stores, at this time only "Old navy" have plus size clothes, we have other brands but they are ao expensive and ugly… Here people don't understand that a big and tall guy wants to have a nice shirt or pants… All the pkus sizes that you can find in stores are ugly.. I hope that someday we can find nice clothes for big guys gere in Mexico… Great videos… Regards

  2. Great episode! I love going to that JC Penny and shopping. They have some great deals all the time. I bought the MSX hoodie the other week and it’s great! Thanks for creating this 🙂

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