Spending a weekend in Portland 2021. Outdoors + Best Places to Visit for a Short Weekend Stay

Planning any weekend trip can always be a challenge. Going through trip advisor and other sites that show-case “the best things to do” while visiting a particular city, state, or country and can be daunting.

My weekend trip to Portland, Oregon primarily consists of the following: mostly outdoor activities that include hikes and a variety of eateries and indoor activities.

The Pacific northwest is known for one of the best hiking spots around. I have done many of the hikes in Washington state and so I was looking to pursue and continue my adventure for documenting and show-casing other fabulous hiking trails.

This weekend at Portland will visit such places like Spirit falls, Pool of the Winds, Multnomah Falls, Pip’s Donut, Voodoo Donuts, and the Japanese Gardens, Lechon restaurant.

Weather was fairly nice during the weekend trip here and we tried to make the best use of our time while we were visiting. Unfortunately, Beacon Rock State park was closed due to Covid-19 reasons and as a result, had to skip that adventure. Due to the slow decline of Covid-19, I would highly check the website and check to see the planned opening of this location. Beacon Rock State park would be a fantastic viewpoint to see the Columbia River Gorge so I would HIGHLY recommend visiting when it opens.

Otherwise, for those of you looking to visit Portland and wanting to spend most of your time looking at the greater sceneries that Oregon has to offer, particularly near Portland, you must check out these spots!

00:00 Weekend trip to Portland
00:20 Finding Spirit Falls Hiking Trail
01:30 Arriving at Spirit Falls
02:57 (Attempted visit to Beacon Rock State Park)
03:40 Substitute hike towards Pool of the Winds
06:52 Dinner at Lechon (take out only)
08:00 Visiting the Famous Pip’s Donuts
10:00 The Beautiful must see Multnomah Falls in Oregon
11:00 The Japanese Gardens of Portland
13:40 Last Stop. Voodoo Donuts!

Links to Places visited during this awesome Portland Adventure:

🍩🍩 Pip’s donuts 🍩🍩 –
🍩🍩 Voodoo Donuts 🍩🍩 –
🏮🏮 Japanese Garden 🏮🏮 –
🥾🥾 Spirit Falls Trailhead 🥾🥾 –
🥾🥾 Multnomah Falls 🥾🥾 –
🥾🥾 Pool of the Winds 🥾🥾 –
🍲🍲 Lechon Restaurant 🍲🍲 –

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