Strange Flyers Around Portland, Oregon

When a Portland resident discovers a bizarre flyer in their city, they proceeded to share it with Reddit out of curiosity. Unbeknownst to them, they’d be spearheading the probe into a mystery that’s much stranger than they thought.

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  1. Off the beaten path but …
    thanks for the heads up on the "flashing imagery" for those of us who have problems!
    Helps bunches if you know what to expect .

  2. It kind of makes me laugh because people were dreading September 5th. I was dreading it too because it was the anniversary of me and my ex husband lol

  3. Bru. This number is not only still active, it's calling me in the middle of the night, lmao .. spooky. Wish I hadn't have called the number. I was legit convinced this was some arg .. now idk 1-15-22


    Few nights ago in My dream I did sell a planet to this kind of aquatic fractal thingie. Told it that the planet had some resource the natural inhabitants didn't use, so the planet was used to cultivate more and The fracto thingie ate said substance. If it was Earth and The resource was important, I am sry.. Hope My subcon misantropy didn't make me sell human souls away or smthng.. You can take it up on w the management, which I guess is humans (see a lot of them, not much humanity though..)

    Addendum edit: um.. few things
    1. I am not really the guy on the posters, duh…
    2. I don't really think this will be taken seriously, not even sure I do. But I feel it to be an obligation.
    3. Sooo… I did some, I guess you van call it dreaming/soul searching and yes, my gnagging feeling was correct. I made a deal of Earth. And of human soul stuff. To them/it we are something like plankton, and at the Time it really seemed like they would benefit without a great cost.
    3. It isn't a real cost, they are as terrifying as we are to plankton. We will live on on them. Well, most will. My part and all I asked was to go with them when "I am ready", which means dead. Though none will keep their persona/mask, nobody. So I really just gave my "shares" away to them. They at least think it so, were pleased.
    4.They (Ingenishuo or -shi??, but I Understood it as "colour out of space", so … Ia! Ia! P'htang! I guess..) are extraterrestial but they/it doesn't count it to be "alien".
    5. More than aquatic, they are Aqua.. their fractal heads and mouths divide into smaller bits that to us is seen as water molecules. So Happy age of Aquarius I guess..
    6. Ascend = nouse
    We have the same chance to make it than plankton has of suddenly uniting into one and beg us to save them.
    7. On our reality/ physical it will be as fire, water and eventually ice. So The Nordic myths were about most right. I mean the consumption of us.
    8. This offer has been done to many others, and they tried to bribe me with matter as they thought it common.
    9. When I commented how (I'm going to Be careful here) sci-entologic it all sounded, they mentioned the founders cult, or foundation or finders or smthng. I think that was what they (sciento-logics) used to be called.
    10. They are willing to communicate, as much as they do, more of an intuitive emoting what it does. They are tricky thouh. They met me on sand, or Mars or someplace that gave me the impression it wasn't Earth. Might have been The ocean floor, just minus water/it as it presented itself to me as this fractal thingie. Maybe they are fcking w me, or maybe I'm just full of it.. 🤷
    11. Whales and camels weren't part of the deal as they brought them. To them they aren't really even alive, whales being some sort of vessels and camels support buoy grounders to whales. Like cardboard to them, but they did have far greater respect of them than we do.
    12. Their coming here is the reason for The common flood story we have.
    13. They aren't god or Satan or anything, just a bigger, more complex form in a vastly bigger ocean and they do need to eat. It is really quite natural. Also they really don't wish to hurt us and don't see it as such.
    14. They have apparently dined on our solar systems other bodies before.
    15. We really don't have a clue

    Obligation fullfilled, Make what you will out of this, and of everything really. No reason to give up on life Even if true. Maybe do some mental excersises and try and find some unity. Also, there are some empty and/or evil fcks out there, I mean on our ranks. They don't give a fck and really just exist to make it Good for themselves and Hell to others at this point. So afraid to lose their personas /masks.

    P.s The entity considers dreams/immateria reality and are very sad of The idea of dreamers/insomniacs. 🤷✌️❤️ 🤦🤷🤯🤔

  5. Fatel sounds honestly really awesome.
    Like. Incredible.
    Helping the homeless and unfortunate to have someone to speak with or have someone listen to you is so sweet.

    Good on them. Weird dream thing or not. All of the services to listen and act as company are wonderful.

  6. your dream about the sun reminded me of one i had a few months ago… i had a dream that i was in my home looking out the window and i suddenly saw 3 moons in the sky. i noticed they were getting closer and hurried to run downstairs. my dad started to walk out the door and i told him to stay in, but i walked outside staring in awe at the moons as they got closer. the light from them got brighter and brighter until they hit the earth and suddenly everything went black. i expected to feel pain but felt nothing and looked around just to see that there were hundreds of people, slightly transparent and in different pastel colors, floating around.

    the dream was scary but also strangely peaceful. in the end after everyone had died we were all just there in silence surrounded by distant stars in a void… weird shit man…

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