Sized Up Episode 2: Portland, Oregon | Chubstr

In the 2nd episode of Sized Up, Chubstr’s Bruce Sturgell and guest Tyler Jacobs explore the plus size men’s clothing scene in Portland, Oregon! We visit Fat Fancy, where owner Elle Peters talks about creating a welcoming space for plus size people and shares their big men’s clothing selection. Tyler joins Bruce on a trip… Continue reading Sized Up Episode 2: Portland, Oregon | Chubstr

Survivorman Bigfoot | Episode 10 | Portland Oregon | Les Stroud | Never Before Seen Episode

By popular request here is the last film I produced on the subject (it was not part of the TV series). I went to a secret location just outside of Portland, Oregon with my friend and filmmaker Devon Massyn. Directed By Les Stroud Starring Les Stroud, Devon Massyn