Chaos in Portland Oregon 😱 The Pacific Northwest | PNW | Downtown Portland | PDX

First time in Portland, Oregon and what an experience to say the least. This city is definitely unique lol. Not sure what caused this to pop off, but dude was trippin out haha #portlandoregon #PNW #PDX

Chef Dom does Portland, Oregon

Travel with Chef Dom Tesoriero to the west coast, where he brings his appetite for adventure to Portland, OR. OregonLive writer, Michael Russel, bikes over, accompanied by foodie dog Buckaroo, to take Dom to Grand Army Tavern, a spot for local drinks, where Dom is served an abundance of cocktails, spicy pork rinds, and a… Continue reading Chef Dom does Portland, Oregon

WTF Happened to Portland Oregon?… Homelessness and Drug Addicts Are Taking Over the City

First time visiting Portland Oregon and I was immediately aware of infestation of homeless people squatting all over the city, as well as the overwhelming number of drug addicts roaming the streets. Definitely a sad sight for such a unique and interesting city. #Portlandoregon #portland #portlandhomelessness #pdx