Pittock Mansion – Portland, Oregon

Part 4 of my adventures in Portland takes us to the amazing Pittock Mansion. I take a nice tour of the inside as well as walk around the property and its incredible views. Join me in a look around this 16,000 square foot masterpiece. Do come along !!! Hello World! I’m Dave aka Unkle Heavy.… Continue reading Pittock Mansion – Portland, Oregon

Haunted Places in Portland, Oregon

From luxurious downtown hotels holding fascinating history and chilling hauntings… to quirky local theaters- where it’s said the restless spirits of former employees and patrons still roam. Are you ready for the most haunted places in Portland, Oregon? Photos: “bagdad theatre mogwai film premier”, “bagdad theatre” by Incase ( are licensed under CC BY 2.0… Continue reading Haunted Places in Portland, Oregon